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Welcome to Supernova!

Supernova is a customized private FFXI server based on the code of the LandSandBoat Project and has been in continuous operation for almost ten years!  Our server is set in the old-school 75-cap era of 2007-2008 Vana’diel for the most part, but we have added our own touches with lots of conveniences and custom content as well.

General Information

  • The server address is which you can use to access the server with our Client Installation Guide.
  • Supernova also has a Discord server. Once you’ve joined, leave a message in the lobby and one of the GMs will add you to the appropriate channels.

Quick Links

  • Server Rules – Please familiarize yourself with our server rules before jumping in.  If you have questions a member of the staff will be happy to clarify.
  • Known Issues/FAQ – On this page, there is a wealth of information about what’s available, what’s not available, changes on certain quests or missions, etc.
  • Patch Notes – Our server is updated regularly.  Watch this link for update notes and for new content!
  • Server Commands – Here is a comprehensive list of player commands available to you on Supernova.
  • Account Recovery – If you are a returning player and cannot remember your login information, please see the info here for recovering your account.
  • Custom Content – Here you can find pages related to Dynamis, HNM, and other Supernova-exclusive content.
  • Guides – This section is for player-made guides that are vetted and added to the site.  If you are interested in writing a guide, please speak with someone on the admin staff!

If you cannot find an answer yourself, use either our search bar in the sidebar located to the right of this page, or ask in linkshell chat or on the #ffxi or #ffxisupport channels on the Supernova Discord!  Foremost, have fun!