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Welcome to Supernova!


We are a customized private FFXI server based on the core code of the Darkstar Project.  Our server is set in the old-school 75-cap era of 2007-2008 Vana’diel for the most part, but we have added our own touches with lots of conveniences and custom content as well.

General Information

  • The server IP is which you can use to access the server with our Client Installation Guide.
  • Supernova also has a Discord server. Once you’ve joined, leave a message in the lobby and one of the GMs will add you to the appropriate channels.

Quick Links

  • Server Rules – Please familiarize yourself with our server rules before jumping in.  If you have questions a member of the staff will be happy to clarify.
  • Server Commands – Here is a comprehensive list of player commands available to you on Supernova.
  • Account Recovery – If you are a returning player and cannot remember your login information, please see the info here for recovering your account.
  • Custom Content – Here you can find pages related to Dynamis, HNM, and other Supernova-exclusive content.
  • Patch Notes – Our server is updated regularly.  Watch this link for update notes and for new content!
  • Guides – This section is for player-made guides that are vetted and added to the site.  If you are interested in writing a guide, please speak with someone on the admin staff!