September 2018 Update!

Hello, Adventurers!

The September Content Update for Supernova is here, and there are many new things in store for new players and old!

First, you’ll need to Update your Client, so be sure to do that, and while you wait, enjoy the Patch Notes!


Addtional Notes

Items added to Lottery Lucky Roll:

  • Blau Dolch
  • Ixion Cape
  • Ixion Cloak
  • Avalon Breastplate
  • Antares Harness
  • Luzaf’s Ring
  • Witch Sash
  • Kriegsbell
  • Vivid Strap +1
  • Ancient Torque
  • Cuchulain’s Belt
  • Cuchulain’s Mantle
  • Toreador Ring

Items added to Cerberus Treasure Pool:

  • Antares Harness
  • Witch Sash
  • Avalon Breastplate

Items added to Medusa Treasure Pool:

  • Antivenom Earring
  • Velocity Earring
  • Chivalrous Chain
  • Grandiose Chain
  • Potent Belt
  • Precise Belt
  • Miraculous Cape
  • Intensifying Cape
  • Invigorating Cape
  • Penitent Belt

Adjusted Drop Rates:

  • Vali’s Bow droprate increased to 100%
  • Eurytos’ Bow increased from 4.3% to 100% from the BCNM it was in.
  • Cross Counters increased from 4.3% to 100% from the BCNM it was in. Cross counters was moved to its own loot pool so both it and Eurytos’ bow will drop.
  • Archers ring have been added to Stroper Chyme at 100%
  • A scroll of Tornado has been added to Yagudo Prelates in Oztoja (present) as it was supposed to be, at 100%
  • Two Ether Rings are now guaranteed to drop from Roc
  • Two Serket Rings are now guaranteed to drop from Serket
  • Ochimusha Kote droprate has been increased to 20% from 5% (actually much higher with TH4).
  • Dodge Earring droprate increased from .8% to 50% (near 100 with TH4)
  • Swift Belt droprate from Sacrarium NMs increased to 100%
  • Speed belt has been added to King Arthro 100%
  • The two possible Hedgehog bomb drops from the Brothers ENM have been each increased from 16.3% to 50%.
  • All of the +3 elemental earrings (the level 30 ones) now drop from Under Observation.

Items from BCNMs, KSNMs. and ENMs now duplicate to the Auction House at a 8x rate.

For a limited time, Lucky Rolls have been increased to 33% chance!  Go trade items you don’t need to the Auction Mouse!