Late October Super-Spooky Update Notes

Hello Adventurers!

As the air gets colder and the nights get longer, so do the shadows!  There are new items to obtain in the depths among some of our more challenging adversaries so {gather together}, sally forth and wrest those treasures from them!

First, you’ll need to Update your Client, so be sure to do that, and while you wait for your client to repair those files, here are the Patch Notes!

Bug Fixes

Enfeebling magic potency now works properly.
Embrava now works properly.
Haste Samba now works properly.
Sleep II now works properly.
Ix’Aern (DRK) animosity now works properly.
Aerns in the Garden of Ru’Hmet and The Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi can reraise now.
Pumpkin Pie +1 now applies the correct modifiers
Respawn timer for Hovering Hotpot placeholders adjusted.
Tarasque is possible to spawn without aggro
Despawning of Vermilion-eared Noberry’s elemental corrected.
Behavior (additional effect: Slow) and spawn conditions for Lamina corrected.
Behavior and respawn timer for various mob groups in Shadowreign areas corrected.
Behavior and respawn timer for various Yagudo NMs
Behavior for various Tonberry NMs corrected.
Certain levers in Castle Oztroja that were not opening doors now work properly.

New Stuff

Fotia Gorget can now be acquired from Fina at !home
HELM rewrite! More points can now be up at once and larger point pools.

Notorious Monster Changes

Medusa now drops certain Assault rewards:

  • Antivenom Earring
  • Velocity Earring
  • Chivalrous Chain
  • Grandiose Chain
  • Potent Belt
  • Precise Belt
  • Penitent’s Belt
  • Miraculous Cape
  • Intensifying Cape
  • Invigorating Cape

Cerberus now drops Doomvoid rewards:

  • Avalon Breastplate
  • Avalon Shield
  • Ancient Torque
  • Fragarach
  • Morgana’s Cotehardie
  • Oily Trousers
  • Antares Harness
  • White Tathlum
  • Black Tathlum
  • Zahak’s Mail

Khimaira now drops level 35 skill earrings

Shen now drops certain Campaign Ops rewards:

  • Cuchulain’s Mantle
  • Cuchulain’s Belt
  • Witch Sash
  • Brave Grip
  • Wise Strap
  • Roundel Earring
  • Crapaud Earring

Serket now drops:

  • Astral Rope
  • Safety Mantle


Dynamis NIN and SMN mobs will no longer instantly cast their 2hrs upon spawning.
Dynamis Windurst has had its difficulty balanced


Mob drop duping to Auction House adjusted.
Conquest- and crafting-related text IDs corrected.