November 30 2018 Mini-Update Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Experience Points Overhaul Balance

  • Solo players don’t get the EP-DC XP cut, and receive a 50% boost on top of that.
  • Level 75 XP capped at 2x rate.
  • XP band cap set to era values.

Job Abilities and Traits

  • Implemented modern retail SMN blood pact timers and skillups.  Ward and Rage blood pacts no longer share timers.


  • Boost reishi mushroom, fresh mugwort, and elemental ore HELM rewards.
  • Fix loot pool for Up In Arms BCNM.

Quality of Life

  • Fix Sharin-Garin not giving Runic Portal Use Permit.
  • Add decorative holiday NPCs and Starlight Chest.
  • Remove XP from strays.