Update Notes – Jan 18 2019

Hail, Adventurers! A new update has come to Supernova for this chilly mid January!  No client update is needed so feel free to login and enjoy the newly implemented items and NMs.

New Stuff

  • New fireworks added to fireworks chest!
  • Implemented TP moves:
    • Abominable Belch
    • Apocalyptic Ray
    • Eternal Damnation
    • Perdition
    • Proboscis Shower


NM/Mob Related

Job Related


  • Fixed an exploit with Drum Magazine attachment.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where talking to Zasshal crashed the server.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC Raminel during a cutscene in quest “Riding on the Clouds”.
  • Fixed an issue with Mythic WS not doing skillchain damage.
  • Fixed the costume NPC (again).
  • Adjusted price of some guild shop wares.
  • Mythic WS can no longer be unlocked while under level restriction.
  • Garrison pop items removed from lottery; Garrison is not yet full implemented (no rewards drop).