May 2019 Content Update 2 – Dynamis Lord Boogaloo



Adjusted XP rates for duos and trios.

We’ve decided to add a variety of items that was only obtainable via lottery only and added them to Dynamis Bosses and Pandemonium Warden; yes, Warden is actually worth doing now!
Further information on custom drops can be viewed on the HNM Page and the Mega Boss Page!

Zantetsuken Shop Update

Zantetsuken Shop will now sell the following materials, used to create the items listed:

  • Pelt of Dawon (Vivid Strap/+1)
  • Ethereal Squama (Fylgjia Torque/+1)
  • Muculent Ingot (Ire Torque/+1)
  • Befouled Silver (Lemegeton Medallion+/1)
  • Scarlet Kadife (Pythia Sash/+1)
  • Igneous Barnacle (Toxon Belt/+1)
  • Kidney Stone (Incubus Earring/+1)

To craft the rewards, use an earth or terra crystal plus one of the materials. Each Recipe requires level 50 in all crafts.  See the Crafting on Supernova page for further details on the recipes for these items!

QoL Adjustments & Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Metalworks conquest overseers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect Utsusemi overwriting behavior after zoning with Utsusemi active.
  • Fixed a bug when disposing of conquest supplies.
  • Fixed several bugs that prevented players from progressing on nation missions.
  • Spell “Death” can no longer be blocked by shadow images.


  • Opo-opo Necklace latent now triggers on Lullaby.
  • Sword Strap now works.


  • Aerial Blast now does wind damage, rather than earth.
  • Chance to guard is now based on job/sub, rather than type of weapon used.
  • Cure V now generates less enmity.
  • Damage-dealing blood pacts now wipe shadows, rather than ignoring them.
  • Dia and Bio now land initial damage, but status does not overwrite for equal power effect (e.g. Goblin Leechers spamming Dia do not refresh effect duration on target).
  • Decreased duration of Perfect Dodge.
  • Equal tier elegy does now refresh the effect duration.
  • Increased duration of Etudes, Preludes, Sirvente, and Dirge.
  • Increased potency of Dia’s Defense Down and Bio’s Attack Down effects.
  • Threnodies now work.
  • Troubadour now affects lullaby duration.

Mob Behavior

  • Beryl-footed Molberry will no longer spawn inside a wall.
  • Cactuars now aggro sound.
  • Certain mobskills no longer proc additional effects if they do no damage.
  • Chatoyant Quadav is now a WHM rather than a BLM.
  • Efts no longer aggro.
  • Fixed model for mob Slendlix Spindlethumb.
  • Fixed some specter models in Fei’Yin.
  • Implemented some ladybug mobskills.
  • Increased radius of scorpion mobskills Earthbreaker and Venom Storm.
  • Kirin no longer uses Riddle.
  • Mandragoras now attack twice per round.
  • Monk mobs no longer attack quite so fast.
  • Ouryu now has elemental magic skill, during battlefield “The Savage”.
  • Slime Molds and Puks no longer link.
  • Various adjustments to sea monk mobskills, and Lord of Onzozo behavior.

Missions & Quests

  • Brass door in Castle Oztroja can now be opened with Judgment Key even if player is not on Windurst Rank Mission 6-2.
  • Fixed a broken trade during quest “The Road to Aht Urhgan”.
  • Implemented Mog Safe questline
  • Nabihwah is now an Imperial Gate Guard.
  • Test Answers are now removed from player during quest “Making the Grade”.