August 2019 Update Notes

Welcome to the August 2019 Update!

Client Update not required for this Patch

Supernova Custom

Absolute Virtue

  • Added a message that shows why a given Job-Specific Ability failed to lock.
  • Decreased physical defense. Increase HP.
  • Increased Job-Specific Ability lock window to account for message lag.
  • Fixed spell lists immediately reverting after using Job-Specific Ability ( i.e., prevent Chainspell + Meteor)
  • Give Absolute Virtue Double Attack and Triple Attack Job Traits.


  • Added cursed item materials shop to Odin.
  • Added Mhaura to List of Home Zones.
  • Fixed Loot Pool for Pandemonium Warden.
  • Disable Behemoth’s Dominion !mission warp while King Behemoth is alive.

Quality of Life

  • Add !mission ally warp to Death Spiral during PM 5-3 Three Paths / Tenzen route.
  • Add Rhaegar (relic augment NPC) to Selbina.
  • Bring Rahzeem out from underground in Mhaura.


  • Disabled the ability to gain XP in Dynamis/Limbus.
  • First tick of resting now takes 20 seconds rather than 10.
  • Removed mounted status when using !commands that teleport you.


  • Balanced base HQ synth rate to account for Directional synth boost.
  • Refactored crafting direction to give +10% HQ rate.


  • Added a 5 minute medicated effect to Dawn Mulsum to prevent immortal pet abuse.


  • White Mage
    • Added Protectra V and Shellra V scrolls to merchant Hasim in Lower Jeuno.
  • Bard
    • Adjusted (up) Prelude formula (it got a small boost).
  • Dragoon
    • Fixed attack penalty on Drakesbane.
      • (0.8125/100/200/300 instead of 1.0/100/200/300)
    • Fixed DRG super jump timer merit.
  • Thief
    • Fixed sneak attack not forcing critical damage.
  • Puppetmaster
    • Fixed automaton not beginning to skill up magic
    • Fixed automaton ranged attacks doing 0 damage.
    • Fixed fTP/crit rate on Stringing Pummel.
      • (.75/100/200/300 instead of 1.0/100/200/300)
  • Fixed Evasion Down abilities flooring target’s Evasion
    • (previously, mob abilities like Infrasonics would stack Evasion Down status, bringing a player’s Evasion to 0 over time)
  • Fixed fSTR/fSTR2 calculation.
  • More Dia/Bio overwriting fixes.
  • Fixed Atonement, Spirits Within, and Hybrid Weaponskills.


  • Fixed invisible Errand Imps in Shadowreign zones.
  • Fixed real Padfoot not dropping its loot.
  • Group Sky gods loot so they don’t drop more than 10 items.
  • Make Fraudubio spawn off Fraelissa.

Missions & Quests

  • Fixed a broken KI reward during Bastok Mission 7-1.