April 2020 Update Notes

Welcome to the April 2020 Update!

Client Update *IS* required for this Patch



  • A special one-day event which may see players living in the skin of others, not practicing proper social distancing techniques at all!
  • Chocobo Circuit NPCs may also be haywire, so be wary to whom you speak!


  • Antiqix in Castle Oztroja will now sell Angel Skins at a cost of 1 Lungo-Nango Jadeshell instead of 7.
  • Behemoth meat has been added to the Lottery list. (as of the 4/9/2020 mini-update)


Group 2 Merits

  • Group 2 Merits for spellcasting jobs have been reworked to mirror the new retail standards.
    • New Merit listing and status (Green is working, Red is not coded):
      • White Mage:
        • Animus: Solace
        • Animus: Misery
      • Black Mage
        • Ancient Magic Attack Bonus 
        • Ancient Magic Burst Damage Bonus 
        • Elemental Magic Accuracy 
        • Elemental Debuff Duration
        • Elemental Debuff Effect
        • Aspir Absorption Amount
      • Red Mage
        • Enfeebling Magic Duration
        • Magic Accuracy
        • Enhancing Magic Duration
        • Enspell Damage
        • Immunobreak Chance
      • Ninja
        • Accuracy
        • Yonin Effect
        • Innin Effect
        • Ninja Magic Accuracy
        • Ninja Magic Bonus
      • Bard
        • Con Anima
        • Con Brio
  • Spells formerly obtained through Group 2 merits are now available as scrolls from vendors in Lower Jeuno and Norg.
    • Spells affected:
      • Black Mage: Flood II, Tornado II, Quake II, Burst II, Flare II
      • Red Mage: Paralyze II, Slow II, Phalanx II, Dia III, Bio III, Blind II
      • Ninja: Hyoton: San, Katon: San, Huton: San, Doton: San, Suiton: San, Raiton: San


  • Paladin – Rampart has been re-worked and has been implemented anew with a blanket damage reduction as opposed to a magic shield.


  • Fixed Sewer Syrup placeholders to be Dark Aspics again.
  • Corrected udmg resistances on Tinnin – Tinnin is now immune to breath damage/breath abilities, more closely aligning it with retail.
  • Corrected udmg resistance for Dynamis Lord while Ying and Yang are initially alive. Meaning, Dynamis Lord will not take damage until Ying and Yang are defeated, mirroring retail.
  • Corrected a faulty spawn condition for Tzee Xicu the Manifest. (as of the 4/9/2020 mini-update)



  • There is an issue with the scroll of Slow II not working properly, this will be fixed soon.
    • *** This has been fixed as of 4/9/2020, and scrolls of Slow II are now usable ***
  • The Bard spells Foe Sirvente and Adventurer’s Dirge are currently unobtainable as they are not coded at all.  No ETA on either of these.
  • Players who had previously invested merit points in the old Group 2 merits cannot invest in the new Group 2 merits.  Developers are working to solve this quickly!
    • *** This has been fixed as of 4/6/2020, and players who had prior merits in old groups have been reimbursed merit points ***