Update Notes – March 14, 2021

Happy Spring, Supernovans! There’s a small feature update for March, including some fixes for some very high priority issues we’ve experienced recently.

***A client update is not required for this update***



Fixed ??? on Mega Boss death.

Zantetsuken Quest

Fixed unreachable Zan points in Dynamis areas.


  • Fixed aggressive mobs detecting players through and walking through walls (Zdei, Tauri, etc).
  • Euvhi will now take 2x damage when their petals are open, matching retail behavior.
  • Euvhi will also automatically close their petals upon receiving critical damage.


  • Shuriken pouches are now usable items.
  • Items obtained from gardening will now dupe to the Auction House at 1:8
  • Egg Sandwich/+1 now have scripts and apply their proper effects.



Remaining Blood Pact: Rage abilities have been rebalanced.


Third Eye no longer stacks with Utsusemi or Blink.


Strafe has been updated to align with retail properties.

  • No longer a Merit ability, but a natural Job Trait.
  • Strafe Effect now increases MACC on Wyvern Breaths.


Supernova Bot got a little extended functionality today in the form of new commands. Anyone on the Supernova Discord can use these commands, simply by issuing them in the text bar.

  • !website – displays a link to the Supernova Website, our compendium of information on the web.
  • !news – links to the SN Blog on the site – home of patch notes!
  • !rules – links to the server rules page. Find someone who has a question? Link ’em here.