March/April 2021 Update Notes

Hello, Supernovans!

We’ve got a slew of neat things for you as we move right on into Spring, and early summer is just around the corner!

No Client Update will be required for this update.

8th Anniversary and April Fools’ Events

This coming week, we have some fun events lined up for the 8th Anniversary of the Supernova server and April Fools’ Day. An egg-themed special holiday event, a Mob of the Moment mob family with increased experience/merit yield, and maybe even a prank for April Fools; the event list as planned can be found here.

Quality of Life/Supernova Specific

  • The Supernova Home Area has shifted to Selbina!
  • In the spirit of April Fools’, everyone’s races have been shifted!
  • Alyss’s Cooking Tonberry has caught wind that Adventurers can now garden within their Mog Houses and as such, has decided to terminate his contract with kitron suppliers. This means that kitrons will no longer be available at the Chocobo Circuit but fear not! We hear that yields on kitrons obtained from gardening are bountiful, and that the Auction Houses have taken up the surplus of those yields in a big way.
  • Rewards from the Lottery NPC in the Chocobo Circuit have changed! With the advent of Treasure Caskets appearing all over Vana’diel, items that are obtained from caskets will not be available at the Lottery NPC any longer. There are, however, many new and wonderful things to obtain, including some items that haven’t been obtainable for some time!
  • Rewards from brown and gold Treasure Caskets that appear randomly on mob kills have been redone as well, removing any items that are not usable by level 75 characters. There are a LOT of items out there to get, including many formerly unobtainable items – find them all!
  • Most all weapon and armor synthesis recipes have been restored. There are still some furnishing items that are not craftable at this time.

SpellS and AbilitIES

  • Gravity and Bind have been retooled and are less broken than they were.
  • The Job Ability Contradance now displays its proper animation.

Mob Related

  • Wamouracampa have been fixed so that the Blue Mage spell Cannonball can now be learned.
  • Gargouille family has been fixed so the Blue Mage spell Triumphant Roar can be learned.
    • Gargouille mobs will also fly now.
  • Jailer of Hope has been fixed and will dive at appropriate times.


  • Weapons with an Additional Effect of HP Drain now work.
    • Affected weapons:
      • Bloody Blade/Carnage Blade
      • Bloody Lance/Carnage Lance
      • Bloody Sword/Carnage Sword
      • Bloody Rapier/Carnage Rapier
      • Blood sword
  • Hofud has now been coded with its additional effect of HP or MP Drain.
  • Grauberg Lettuce is now obtainable from Wandering Saplings in Grauberg (S).