Supernova Egg Hunt Egg-Stravaganza 2021!

Hello Supernovans, and Happy Spring!

You may have noticed that a few changes happened today; and that a new NPC has appeared in Selbina, our new home for the moment.

The little Moogle in the Sheep pen in Selbina is our Egg Vendor! It is integral to the Egg Hunt Event for this year, so below follows a small How-To for using the Moogle and finding more eggs!

Obtaining Eggs

  • Speak to the Moogle in Selbina at (I-9) in the Sheep pen, and it will give you a Perfect Lucky Egg and a set of 3 Random Lettered Eggs with a [2021] stamp on them. You may Bazaar the eggs, but DO NOT TRADE THE EGGS! Trading the eggs will remove the signature from them and render them useless!
  • Speak to the Moogle after 24 hours (Real Life time) have passed and you will receive another set of 3 random eggs.
  • Players can obtain up to four additional eggs every Vana’diel Day by performing HELM operations:
    (Note: Players may not receive their egg on the first try; keep trying, but only one egg per Vana’diel Day per operation may be obtained in this manner!)
    • Harvesting – 1 egg
    • Excavation – 1 egg
    • Logging – 1 egg
    • Mining – 1 egg


  • Lettered Eggs may be transferred into Stamped Letters on the Perfect Lucky Egg by trading the Perfect Lucky Egg and a lettered egg to the Moogle; this will stamp the letter on the Perfect Lucky Egg.
    • Trading multiple letters does not work, each letter must be traded by itself – the Perfect Lucky Egg in slot 1, lettered egg in slot 2.
    • Trading letters in this way allows players to obtain a Perfect Lucky Egg with a word inscribed on it.
    • If you screw up or want to start a new egg, the only method is to drop the Perfect Lucky Egg. There is no way to erase letters off a Perfect Lucky Egg once it’s begun.
Trading the Perfect Lucky Egg and the letters I, C, and E in succession will sign the egg “ICE”. What will happen when this is traded back to the Moogle?


Spelling different words or combinations of letters out will yield various rewards from the Moogle!

For some hints for standard items, check out the FFXI Wiki Guide for Egg-Stravaganzas of years gone by!


  • The National Eggs are not obtained by spelling out Region Names. Think less about the Regions and more about…who those eggs belong to!
    • WINDU – Flower Egg (first trade), Hatchling Egg (second trade)
    • BASTO – Lamp Egg (first trade), Clockwork Egg (second trade)
    • SANDO – Wing Egg (first trade), Melodious Egg (second trade)
    • JEUNO – Jeweled Egg
  • To obtain the item for your HEAD, you need to spell your entire CHARACTER NAME.
  • To obtain an extra-special item, spell out either SUPERNOVA, HYPNOSHEEP, or SHEEPLOVE.
  • Do not trade eggs or place them in bags as this risks stripping the [2021] signature off of them and will render them unusable for the event!