New Commands for Discord!

Hello, Supernovans!

We’re proud to announce that we now have some custom commands via the Supernova Bot on the Discord Channel to give some more utility for users.

The commands currently are:

/website – displays the Supernova website’s address publicly
/news – sends a link to the Supernova Blog
/update – links to the Update the Client page
/wiki – searches the FFXIclopedia, FFXI Auction House, and BGwiki pages for a search term.

Explanation for the Wiki command

The /wiki command might be the most expansive command we currently possess. It searches the wiki pages from FFXIclopedia, FFXI Auction House, and BlueGartr Wiki pages and displays links to those in the chat window. The results only display for the user who initiated the search, so there’s no risk of channel spam via this command!

How to use the /wiki command:

1) Simply type /wiki and then a search term. Multiple word search terms will work.

2) The results will display in the same chat window, but with a message denoting that “only you can see this message”.

Please keep an eye out for more commands as they come, and feel free to make suggestions for any helpful commands!