July 2021 – Changes to Soul Plates and Obtaining Them

Hello, Supernovans!

Many of you are aware that basically as long as Supernova has been around, the process of obtaining Zeni for ZNMs has been to kill certain mobs – usually, Greater Colibri in Bhaflau Thickets (though, sometimes Clionids and Limules in Abyssea) – and pre-filled soul plates would drop off those mobs.

We have great news in store for you! In a recent update, Soultrappers and Blank Soul Plates are now working properly and all players can now obtain Zeni in the same tried-and-true methods used on retail for over a decade.

All soul plates were removed as drops from mobs as a result, so if you want to build that Pandemonium Warden pop, make sure to grab a Soultrapper (or a High-Speed Soultrapper!), some blank plates, and get to shooting those mobs!

All information about Soultrappers and their use can be found on the FFXIclopedia Wiki or the BlueGartr Wiki.

Happy Adventuring!