Update Notes – September 3 2021

Hello, Supernovans!

Here are the major changes affecting Supernova in particular this week:


  • Weapons and Armor for levels higher than 75 have been removed from the Auction House.
  • Vendors for Level 1 RSE equipment have had all other RSE items removed.
    • All RSE quests, BCNMs, and NMs for Race-specific equipment works. These items were placed on NPCs in a transitionary period where they didn’t, and were not removed on oversight.
    • NPCs affected: Proud Beard, Bastok Markets; Arachagnon, Northern San d’Oria; Kucha Malkobhi, Port Windurst
    • note: these NPCs still sell White Belts
  • Drop rates for Lungo-Nango Jadeshells from Dynamis-Windurst NMs and Vanguard Oracles have been increased.

job updates


  • Hidden gear set bonus for Aegis+Hauteclaire:
    • +15% Increase in enmity gain
    • -15% Reduction in enmity from hits
    • +3% Cure Potency
    • +150 Shield Bash damage


  • Increased Enmity from Elemental Ninjutsu Spells during Yonin Effect
    • Volatile Enmity +125
    • Cumulative Enmity +20
    • note: this effect only exists for Prestiged Ninjas


  • Cutscene Blackscreen issues should be less frequent.