Update Notes February 18, 2022

More Storage? CAN IT BE?


Please note: if you previously disabled your Windower from updating you may now remove that block if you wish.

Hello Supernova!

There are no traditional patch notes for today’s update. Please note you will need to Update your Client, but there is a major change for Supernova users; the addition of Mog Wardrobes 5-8!

Mog Wardrobe Retrieval

Access to Mog Wardrobes 5-8 is simple. Just link your Supernova account to Discord and add an email address (we will not send you emails, email addresses ONLY facilitate account recovery) and *Presto-westo!* you will have 4 shiny new Mog Wardrobes!

  • Linking a Supernova account to Discord grants access to Mog Wardrobes 5 and 6
  • Adding an email address to the linked account grants access to Wardrobes 7 and 8

Existing players who have already linked accounts and/or email addresses will not automatically have access to the mog wardrobes. Those players will need to send Supernova Bot a message with the command !reward to activate the wardrobes. It’s that easy!