Update Notes – April 15, 2022

Thank you to all Supernovans who participated in this year’s April Fools Event! We hope you enjoyed the Rain Lilies, we’re sure you’re all incredibly tired of them (if you weren’t already).

We’ve returned to Selbina, one of our Summer Homes, so please take a minute to get reacquainted with where things are there by taking a look through our page on Home Areas. The map for Selbina, graciously created by Supernova GM Enedin, is below:

Other items: We have a continuing list of issues that persist, and in an effort to document and research solutions for them, Duriel is maintaining a list of those in the #ffxisupport channel on our Discord server.

As always, Supernova Staff thanks and appreciates your patience as we and the upstream developers work to resolve these issues as they arise.

Current known issues:

  • Various: Text IDs and ID Shifts abound, as they do when retail client is out of sync with the local client number.
    • The behavior and functionality of some NPC’s may occur, any issues involving NPC interactions being off in text or in actions will be off due to the shift. These issues are common and tend to be resolved much quicker than other issues.
  • Mission and Quest Related:
    The following BCNM’s can fail to proceed to the end of the fight when the end Cut Scene fires, may not load properly or miscellaneous issues involving mob behavior
    • Chains of Promathia – Mission 3-5: Darkness Named
    • Corsair AF Quest: Against All Odds
    • Divine Might
    • Treasures of Aht Urhgan – Mission 31
  • NPC-related
    • Switchstix – Dynamis Relic Upgrade Goblin, Castle Zvahl Baileys
      Switchstix currently locks up trying to give back upgraded relics, and will attempt to give them over and over again. GM Intervention is required to progress currently. Please contact any GM online or in Discord for assistance.
  • Other BCNM-related:
    • KSNM99 Horns of War
      Chlevnik currently will cast Meteor during Chainspell, effectively rendering it undefeatable.