Update Notes September 19, 2022

Hello Supernova! There is an update that requires a Client Update today!

  • Excalibur’s Additional Effect has been re-added. It will not show as an additional effect message, however.
  • Promyvion-Dem NM Satiator is now approachable (spawn points shifted, so there’s still only one spawn point but it’s on another island now).
  • Phantom Roll’s recast cut in half when hit on an 11 Roll.
  • Abyssea quest “A Journey Begins” should now unlock for all players and unlock access to Abyssea-Tahrongi on completion of the subsequent quest “The Truth Beckons”.
  • Access to Escha zones (Escha-Ru’Aun and Escha-Zi’Tah) has been revoked.