Update Notes – November 4 2022

Hello Supernova!

Welcome to the November Update! There will be a client update needed for this month, so please remember to update the Client.

Mob of the Month

This month’s Mobs of the Month are Trolls and Gnoles. Trolls can be found scattered throughout the Mount Zhayolm and Halvung areas of the Aradjiah Continent, and Gnoles can be found in and around what will be known as the Norvallen region during the Crystal War Era.

Major Changes/Bugfixes

  • Mobs will now only pivot when in melee range rather than move around, changing their x/y/z positions.
  • Quasilumins path correctly for Chains of Promathia Mission 8-2
  • Ru’Aun Gardens Homepoints 2 and 3 are now corrected.
  • Limbus
    • Adds spawned from Jidras will now randomly target players when they spawn.
    • Mystic Avatars will now use their appropriate Astral Flow abilities at low HP.
    • Biolazar and Thiazi are now immune to sleep and detect by sound.

Mob Changes

  • Aw’euvhis will now check as Notorious Monsters.
  • Locus Colibris in Bhaflau Thickets have been reverted to being Greater Colibri.

Crafting Changes

  • Dew Silk Cape is now a craftable/signable item.
    • Dew Silk Cape
    • Clothcraft 80, Goldsmithing 50
    • Yield: Dew Silk Cape
    • HQ 1: Dew Silk Cape +1
      • Earth Crystal
      • 1x Mist Silk Cape
      • 1x Prickly Pitriv’s Thread
      • 1x Bewitched Gold
  • Pennon Earring was also added
    • Pennon Earring
    • Goldsmithing 83, Clothcraft 54
    • Yield: Pennon Earring
    • HQ1: Pennon Earring +1
      • Earth Crystal
      • 1x Electrum Ingot
      • 2x Gnat Wing

Dynamis Changes



  • Antaeus’s base attack and base defense have been reduced.