Supernova Dynamis

Dynamis, Supernova Style

Dynamis is a series of endgame missions that takes place within the Dreamworld of Dynamis, an alternate dimension created by the avatar Diabolos in which the Shadow Lord won the Crystal War and his forces have covered Vana’diel in darkness.  It is within this realm that players embark on dangerous exploratory missions, and are able to obtain high-level equipment and, ultimately, to forge the mightiest weapons known – the relic weapons.

Dynamis on Supernova is a much more rewarding system than exists on retail.  There is no monetary cost to enter, obtaining coins is a much easier endeavor, and building a relic has its own differences.

Access to Dynamis

All Dynamis Areas require characters be Rank 6 (finished Mission 5-2 and defeated the Shadow Lord) and level 65 to enter.  It is recommended, however, that players attempt Dynamis at level 70 or higher due to the difficulty of mobs in Dynamis areas.

After meeting entry requirements for City Dynamis, zone to Xarcabard for a cutscene to obtain the key item Vial of Shrouded Sand.

You will need a Prismatic Hourglass to enter Dynamis.  There is no other monetary cost to enter a Dynamis Zone.

Player Characters may enter Dynamis once a server cycle (server reset is at 12:00AM EST).

Player Characters may not multibox in Dynamis. Any players found multiboxing in Dynamis will be removed from the zone, have their coins and any equipment gained removed, and possibly face GM jailing.

All Statues in Supernova Dynamis have increased hit points. Be mindful of this as you traverse the dangerous alternate reality world…

  • Specific Access Requirements
    • Dreamworld Dynamis Areas also require completion of Chains of Promathia Mission 3-5 (Darkness Named).
    • Dynamis – Beaucedine access requires completion of cities (Bastok, Windurst, San d’Oria, and Jeuno)
    • Dynamis – Xarcabard access requires completion of Dynamis – Beaucedine.
    • Dynamis – Tavnazia access requires completion of all other Dreamworld Dynamis areas (Qufim, Valkurm, and Buburimu)

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Dynamis Currency and Make it Rain

On Supernova, Dynamis coins are automatically filtered to each individual player via a system called Make It Rain (MiR for short).  MiR duplicates each coin dropped and then disburses them to each character in the alliance.

  • General Rules regarding  Dynamis Currency:
    • Players may not give other players Dynamis Coins, except to loan for the final 30 coins at stage 5 (at the lending player’s own risk).
    • Players may not funnel Dynamis coins from one character to another character on the same account.
    • Dynamis currency is tradeable but only to be traded for other Dynamis currency of similar denominations (i.e. 30 Lungo-Nango Jadeshells for 30 One Hundred Byne Bills, etc).

Make It Rain Specifics

  • Make it Rain automatically initiates at the start of any Dynamis
  • As hundreds “drop”, instead of paying out immediately, it will increase your personal coin count to the maximum for that zone
  • Upon killing the Mega Boss any coins counted will be immediately paid out to players in attendance in accordance with their current count
  • Players who have to leave early for any reason will have their coins paid out, pro-rated to their counts, to their Delivery Box
  • If the max count hadn’t been reached before the boss, coins will split and drop to everyone present as it was prior to this change until the cap is reached
  • The number of coins a group can expect to get (the “Cap”) is no longer permanently set to 12


  • Each zone starts with having a base cap of 6 coins at a minimum
  • Based on the number of days since a zone has been cleared, additional coins are added to the base cap. With 10 unique dynamis zones available, the cap works as follows:

  • A bunch of math went into the numbers and curve of the bonus to reward groups that do manage to go consistently without punishing those that don’t too much
  • The Dyna Historian NPC can tell players how many days have passed since the last win on a specific zone.

Dyna Historian

The Dyna Historian NPC in the Home Areas can tell players how many days since the previous win on each zone – City+Northlands or Dreamworlds. In the example below, Dynamis-San d’Oria was last cleared 6 days ago, and Bastok and Windurst were last cleared 19 days ago.

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Dynamium and Dynamis Bank

An NPC in the Chocobo Circuit named Cyril, near the Whitegate exit, will accept Dynamis Currency of any denomination and store it in his bank.  In return, players will be given a fiat currency known as Dynamium (not a physical item) that they can then use to withdraw currency up to a limit of what the player has stored as Dynamium.

dynamis bank

To obtain Dynamium:

  • Trade Cyril any denomination of any combination of Dynamis Currency and receive an equal amount of stored Dynamium in return.
    • Example: Trading Ten Byne Bills, Three Montiont Silverpieces, and One Rimilala Stripeshell to Cyril will net the player 10310 Dynamium.
  • Players are advised to hang on to one of each type of single – One Byne Bill, Ordelle’s Bronzepiece, and Tukuku Whiteshell in order to withdraw that type of currency later.

To withdraw Currency:

  • Trade Cyril a single of the desired Dynamis Currency and the desired denomination and Cyril will give you that amount, up to either the player’s Dynamium limit or the limit of coins that Cyril has.Examples
    • Trade Cyril One Byne Bill and 98 gil and he will return 99 One Byne Bills.
    • Trade Cyril One Ordelle’s Bronzepiece and 99 gil and he will return 100 Ordelle’s Bronzepieces.
    • Trade Cyril One Tukuku Whiteshell and 100 gil and he will return 1 Lungo-Nango Jadeshell and 1 Tukuku Whiteshell.

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Creating a Relic Weapon

Forging a Relic Weapon works exactly the same as it does on retail through Stage 4: Obtain coins on Dynamis missions, trade the appropriate number of coins, materials, and weapon to Switchstix in Castle Zvahl Baileys, wait a few hours/days based on stage, and retrieve the new weapon.  Forging a Stage 5 weapon still requires a Stage 4 weapon, a shard of necropsyche (dropped from Vanguard Dragons), and a weapon-appropriate Fragment (dropped from Animated NMs in Dynamis – Xarcabard).  However, the method of obtaining Fragments differs significantly on Supernova from retail.

  • Obtaining a Fragment for Relic Completion:
    • Defeat all Demon NMs in Dynamis – Xarcabard to spawn Ying and Yang.
    • Defeat Ying and Yang to spawn Dynamis Lord.
    • Defeat Dynamis Lord and obtain a Divine Goad from him.
    • Take the Divine Goad to the spawn location for the preferred Animated Weapon NM.
    • Trade the Divine Goad to the ???
    • Defeat the Animated Weapon NM and obtain a fragment from it.

Divine Goads

Supernova’s Dynamis Lord drops a custom item (up to 6) called a Divine Goad which is used to spawn a Fragment NM of the owner’s choice.  Characters with a Stage 4 relic weapon in their inventory – equipped for verification, or verified through a GM – have precedence on lotting rights for divine goads.  Any number of divine goads may be used at a spawn point for an Animated Weapon, meaning if there are multiple people seeking an Ornate Fragment to make Mandau, each of them can spawn an Animated Dagger if they have a divine goad.  Divine goads are good on any Xarcabard run, so if a character does not get to spawn their preferred Animated Weapon NM, they can save their goad for later.
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Dynamis Lord

The Dynamis Lord on Supernova has a custom loot pool differing from its retail counterpart.  While defeating the Dynamis Lord is a necessity to spawn Fragment NMs, players *not* seeking a relic weapon are not left without potential for obtaining mighty equipment!  Server Lotting Rules apply to all Dynamis Lord drops.

  • Divine Goad (up to 6)
  • Shadow Mantle
  • Shadow Ring
  • Nocturnus Mail
  • Nocturnus Helm
  • Nightfall
  • Bricta’s Cuffs
  • Shrewd Pumps

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Dreamworld Dynamis

Dreamworld Dynamis differs from retail in that the spawn conditions for the Mega Boss and lesser Notorious Monsters in the zones are already met (except Dynamis – Tavnazia), and the NMs are pre-spawned upon start.  Defeating the Mega Boss for each zone must occur before Coin duplication (Make it Rain) can be activated.  Each NM for Dreamworld areas also has Nyzul Isle armor added to its loot pool.  Server lotting rules apply to Nyzul armor dropped from Dreamworlds.

  • Dynamis – Buburimu (Apocalyptic Beast, Aitvaras, Barong, Alkhla)
    • Nyzul feet (Askar Gambieras, Goliard Clogs, Denali Gamashes)
  • Dynamis – Qufim (Antaeus, Scolopendra, Stringes, Suttung)
    • Nyzul legs (Askar Dirs, Goliard Trews, Denali Kecks)
  • Dynamis – Valkurm (Cirrate Christelle, Fairy Ring, Nan’tina, Stcemqestcint)
    • Nyzul hands (Askar Manopolas, Goliard Cuffs, Denali Wristbands)
  • Dynamis – Tavnazia (Diabolos Heart, Diabolos Diamond, Diabolos Spade, Diabolos Club) – spawned with a Herald’s Juju
    • Nyzul head (Askar Zucchetto, Goliard Chapeau, Denali Bonnet)

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