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Supernova Chocobo Circuit

The Chocobo Circuit is the main gathering place and centralized hub of the Supernova Server.  It serves many roles – rapid transit to the central nations and to Aht Urhgan, a crafting center, a fully functional Auction House connected to all others, a place to recharge Signet and Sanction, Dynamis Coin Bank, and it even provides NPCs with cursory armor and food for all jobs. Sometimes for a change of scenery, this hub is moved to another location. All the custom NPCs are moved to the new area for everyone’s convenience. The hub has been known to move to Selbina and Mhaura–for a nice ocean view, and as a reminder of happy times in Supernova’s past. Finding the custom NPCs in a new area is usually pretty simple, but see the maps below for help.

The maps on this page have been graciously created and hosted by Supernova GM Enedin.

Chocobo Circuit, circa 2019, by Enedin

To access the Chocobo Circuit (or whichever other area the hub is located), simply issue the command !home in the chat window and you will be directly teleported there.

Main Area

The Main Room of the Chocobo Circuit holds many NPCs and exits – too many to list on a single map.  Here is a basic layout of the room, with key NPCs marked.  Explore and find others!

Of note in the Circuit are two NPCs: Fina and Channon, which can be found on the lower level of the Circuit, and each NPC performs a very special role.


Fina is located on the lower floor of the Chocobo Circuit, standing to the left of the Culinary Delights NPC (in the back room behind the Bastok exit area).

Players who trade Fina all eight elemental obis, will be given a Hachirin-no-Obi in return.  Trading Fina all eight elemental gorgets results in a Fotia Gorget as well.


Channon is also located in the lower floor of the Circuit, standing to the right of the Culinary Delights NPC (in the back room behind the Bastok exit area).

For players who have achieved level 75 and certain prerequisites, speaking to Channon will begin the player on a quest to achieve a Mythic Weaponskill via a process called prestiging.  A complete list of Mythic Weaponskills is available on the page for Unlocking a Myth on FFXIclopedia.

Prestige Quest Walkthrough

The Prestige Quest is custom Supernova content that grants a job’s mythic weaponskill as a reward. Here follows the prerequisites and quest steps.


  • Player must be level 75 on current job
  • Player must equip fully upgraded relic armor and accessory
  • Player must have capped skill and merits in mythic weapon type.


  • Speak with Channon to begin the prestige quest for *that* job. Trading 1G will confirm the quest. Trading any other item will cancel it.
  • Once a quest is confirmed, the player is reset to level 1 on that job.
  • Re-level that job from 1-75.
  • At any point during this phase, they can trade 75G to Channon to abandon the quest and return to level 75. However, they will be reset to 0 XP into level 75.
  • When the player relevels to 75 the player will maintain their gear and merits.
  • The player will then be tasked by Channon to defeat Proto-Omega, Proto-Ultima, and any single KS99 NM.
  • When the player defeats all three challenges and speaks to Channon again, they are then granted access to their mythic weaponskill for that job.

Additional perks from Prestige

    • Increased Enmity from Elemental Ninjutsu Spells during Yonin Effect
    • Volatile Enmity +125
    • Cumulative Enmity +20

Additional Maps

Selbina circa 2020 by Enedin
Mhaura circa 2019 by Enedin