SN 5-Year Anniversary and Patch Notes

Supernova is almost 5 years old! With that, we’re having a little bit of a throwback to how we played in the old days! For the time being, @home will take you to Selbina where the original server hangout was! Don’t worry, all necessary NPCs have moved with us, and a teleporter back to the Chocobo Circuit has been made available for your convenience.

It’s been a few months since Zantetsuken debuted, and already players are starting to strut their Odin gear. A handful of maxed out Puppetmasters can be seen running around too!

Word has it, groups have begun figuring out ways to take down Absolute Virtue. Are you up for the challenge? Come join the fights! We can always use more party members!

We have also put in quite a few bonuses and fixes highlighted below! Be sure to log in and check it out!

See you online, and as always: Happy Adventuring!!!patch notes