November 30 2018 Mini-Update Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Experience Points Overhaul Balance

  • Solo players don’t get the EP-DC XP cut, and receive a 50% boost on top of that.
  • Level 75 XP capped at 2x rate.
  • XP band cap set to era values.

Job Abilities and Traits

  • Implemented modern retail SMN blood pact timers and skillups.  Ward and Rage blood pacts no longer share timers.


  • Boost reishi mushroom, fresh mugwort, and elemental ore HELM rewards.
  • Fix loot pool for Up In Arms BCNM.

Quality of Life

  • Fix Sharin-Garin not giving Runic Portal Use Permit.
  • Add decorative holiday NPCs and Starlight Chest.
  • Remove XP from strays.

November 28 Patch Notes


Patch Notes

Experience Points Overhaul

  • Experience gained from Field Manuals, Grounds Tomes, and Quests increased 54% of previous values.
  • Experience is now scaled to mob difficulty:
    • Too Weak: -50% decrease
    • Easy Prey: -50% decrease
    • Decent Challenge: -50% decrease
    • Even Match: no change
    • Tough: +16% increase
    • Very Tough: +33% increase
    • Incredibly Tough: +50% increase
  • Regime rewards no longer repeat and are reverted to their retail debut of once per game day.

Quality of Life

Aftermath 2.0

  • Complete rewrite of Aftermath system for Relic and Empyrean weaponskills.
  • Fixed syntax error that caused Claustrum to not properly use its dispel effect.
  • Correction in script for Kikoku; should now work correctly.

Maat Fights Rework

  • Maat will no longer get stuck in a 2hr casting loop during fights.
  • Abilities, spells and weaponskills used by Maat should be more balanced.

Additional Items

  • Puppetmaster Artifact Armor is now available from a special vendor in the Chocobo Circuit back room, next to the Blue Mage and Scholar AF vendors.
  • Fixed a bug that causes Jeuno Conquest Overseers to decline valid CP sales.
  • Fixed a bug that causes Mog Safe 2 to not be factored into storage amount.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause players to blackscreen during a homepoint teleport.
  • Chocobo Circuit lottery will now offer stacks of items sometimes.
  • Chocobo Circuit Lottery will now duplicate to the Auction House already-owned rare items. (example: if you own a Mercurial Kris, the Lottery will dupe a lottery-gained one to the Auction House even if Lottery can’t give you one).
  • Chocobo Circuit Lottery loot pool updated.  Play daily and collect it all!

Abilities and Spells

  • Fixed a bug in the duration calculation for Dia II.
  • Gravity’s weight potency is now calculated instead of being a static value.
  • Level sync and level cap are now considered when determining success rates of charming mobs.

Battlefields and Instances

  • 20 minutes added to the first Time Extension in Dynamis-Bastok to account for missing Time Extensions.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Memory Receptacles in Promyvion-Vahzl.
  • Fixed onRegionEnter and onRegionLeave not calling their proper scripts during instances.
  • More groundwork for Salvage and Assault implemented ***SALVAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PLAY***
  • Various Limbus fixes.  Limbus remains in a Your-Mileage-May-Vary state as always.

Crafting and Items

Treasure Chest and Coffer rewrite

  • More accurate to retail (spawn mechanisms, mimic behavior)
  • Weakness status no longer causes mimics to spawn.


  • Fixed a set of NM spawn points that would be stuck inside walls.
  • Fixed broken TextID references for Naja Salaheem.


  • Added lottery spawn condition for Bluestreak Gyugyuroon and Bloody Bones.
  • Added additional effect: Slow to Habetrot.
  • Beastmen Kings now fall under custom SN code and do not reset after server crashes.
  • Added Campaign rewards to loot tables.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NMs with grouped loot to drop multiple items from that loot pool (i.e., King Behemoth will no only drop a single Defending Ring if at all.  Hypnosheep be blessed.)
  • Fix broken Morion Worm and Phantom Worm spawnpoint movement.
  • Fixed (yet again) Ix’Aern DRK and its minions not spawning from its ???.
  • Fixed Veindigger leeches not giving book regime credit.
  • Qutrubs no longer blink in and out of the material plane.  Enjoy learning Spinal Cleave everywhere Qutrubs are found!

Late October Super-Spooky Update Notes

Hello Adventurers!

As the air gets colder and the nights get longer, so do the shadows!  There are new items to obtain in the depths among some of our more challenging adversaries so {gather together}, sally forth and wrest those treasures from them!

First, you’ll need to Update your Client, so be sure to do that, and while you wait for your client to repair those files, here are the Patch Notes!

Bug Fixes

Enfeebling magic potency now works properly.
Embrava now works properly.
Haste Samba now works properly.
Sleep II now works properly.
Ix’Aern (DRK) animosity now works properly.
Aerns in the Garden of Ru’Hmet and The Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi can reraise now.
Pumpkin Pie +1 now applies the correct modifiers
Respawn timer for Hovering Hotpot placeholders adjusted.
Tarasque is possible to spawn without aggro
Despawning of Vermilion-eared Noberry’s elemental corrected.
Behavior (additional effect: Slow) and spawn conditions for Lamina corrected.
Behavior and respawn timer for various mob groups in Shadowreign areas corrected.
Behavior and respawn timer for various Yagudo NMs
Behavior for various Tonberry NMs corrected.
Certain levers in Castle Oztroja that were not opening doors now work properly.

New Stuff

Fotia Gorget can now be acquired from Fina at !home
HELM rewrite! More points can now be up at once and larger point pools.

Notorious Monster Changes

Medusa now drops certain Assault rewards:

  • Antivenom Earring
  • Velocity Earring
  • Chivalrous Chain
  • Grandiose Chain
  • Potent Belt
  • Precise Belt
  • Penitent’s Belt
  • Miraculous Cape
  • Intensifying Cape
  • Invigorating Cape

Cerberus now drops Doomvoid rewards:

  • Avalon Breastplate
  • Avalon Shield
  • Ancient Torque
  • Fragarach
  • Morgana’s Cotehardie
  • Oily Trousers
  • Antares Harness
  • White Tathlum
  • Black Tathlum
  • Zahak’s Mail

Khimaira now drops level 35 skill earrings

Shen now drops certain Campaign Ops rewards:

  • Cuchulain’s Mantle
  • Cuchulain’s Belt
  • Witch Sash
  • Brave Grip
  • Wise Strap
  • Roundel Earring
  • Crapaud Earring

Serket now drops:

  • Astral Rope
  • Safety Mantle


Dynamis NIN and SMN mobs will no longer instantly cast their 2hrs upon spawning.
Dynamis Windurst has had its difficulty balanced


Mob drop duping to Auction House adjusted.
Conquest- and crafting-related text IDs corrected.

October 2018 Update!

Hello, Adventurers!

October brings Fall Weather (mostly) and with it comes another update!

First, you’ll need to Update your Client, so be sure to do that, and while you wait for your client to repair those files, enjoy the Patch Notes!



  • Conquest Overhaul – General code rewrites and bug fixes.
  • Armor Upgrade Overhaul – Port Jeuno NPC Sagheera code fixes and rewrites.

September 2018 Update!

Hello, Adventurers!

The September Content Update for Supernova is here, and there are many new things in store for new players and old!

First, you’ll need to Update your Client, so be sure to do that, and while you wait, enjoy the Patch Notes!


Addtional Notes

Items added to Lottery Lucky Roll:

  • Blau Dolch
  • Ixion Cape
  • Ixion Cloak
  • Avalon Breastplate
  • Antares Harness
  • Luzaf’s Ring
  • Witch Sash
  • Kriegsbell
  • Vivid Strap +1
  • Ancient Torque
  • Cuchulain’s Belt
  • Cuchulain’s Mantle
  • Toreador Ring

Items added to Cerberus Treasure Pool:

  • Antares Harness
  • Witch Sash
  • Avalon Breastplate

Items added to Medusa Treasure Pool:

  • Antivenom Earring
  • Velocity Earring
  • Chivalrous Chain
  • Grandiose Chain
  • Potent Belt
  • Precise Belt
  • Miraculous Cape
  • Intensifying Cape
  • Invigorating Cape
  • Penitent Belt

Adjusted Drop Rates:

  • Vali’s Bow droprate increased to 100%
  • Eurytos’ Bow increased from 4.3% to 100% from the BCNM it was in.
  • Cross Counters increased from 4.3% to 100% from the BCNM it was in. Cross counters was moved to its own loot pool so both it and Eurytos’ bow will drop.
  • Archers ring have been added to Stroper Chyme at 100%
  • A scroll of Tornado has been added to Yagudo Prelates in Oztoja (present) as it was supposed to be, at 100%
  • Two Ether Rings are now guaranteed to drop from Roc
  • Two Serket Rings are now guaranteed to drop from Serket
  • Ochimusha Kote droprate has been increased to 20% from 5% (actually much higher with TH4).
  • Dodge Earring droprate increased from .8% to 50% (near 100 with TH4)
  • Swift Belt droprate from Sacrarium NMs increased to 100%
  • Speed belt has been added to King Arthro 100%
  • The two possible Hedgehog bomb drops from the Brothers ENM have been each increased from 16.3% to 50%.
  • All of the +3 elemental earrings (the level 30 ones) now drop from Under Observation.

Items from BCNMs, KSNMs. and ENMs now duplicate to the Auction House at a 8x rate.

For a limited time, Lucky Rolls have been increased to 33% chance!  Go trade items you don’t need to the Auction Mouse!

June 2018 Update

Hello, adventurers! A massive update is live, so it’s time to update your clients!  Follow  the directions to update, and remember that if you have the marked maps dat conversion, you will need to reinstall that after updating.

Here are the Patch Notes for the June 2018 Update!


SN 5-Year Anniversary and Patch Notes

Supernova is almost 5 years old! With that, we’re having a little bit of a throwback to how we played in the old days! For the time being, @home will take you to Selbina where the original server hangout was! Don’t worry, all necessary NPCs have moved with us, and a teleporter back to the Chocobo Circuit has been made available for your convenience.

It’s been a few months since Zantetsuken debuted, and already players are starting to strut their Odin gear. A handful of maxed out Puppetmasters can be seen running around too!

Word has it, groups have begun figuring out ways to take down Absolute Virtue. Are you up for the challenge? Come join the fights! We can always use more party members!

We have also put in quite a few bonuses and fixes highlighted below! Be sure to log in and check it out!

See you online, and as always: Happy Adventuring!!!patch notes