Update Notes – December 23, 2020

It’s a Starlight Miracle!

Hello, Adventurers! We at Supernova hope you are all having a wonderful Starlight, and a Happy Holiday season!

Here are some notes about today’s update.

** Players do not need to update their clients for today’s update**

Supernova Specific Changes

  • Sneak and Invisible duration for Silent Oils and Prism Powders have been increased.
  • Automaton Oils can now be synthesized.
    • 28 Alchemy
      Water Crystal
      • Olive Oil
      • Plasma Oil
      • Polyflan Paper
    • NQ: 6x Automaton Oil
    • HQ1: 6x Automaton Oil +1
    • HQ2: 6x Automaton Oil +2
    • HQ3: 12x Automaton Oil +2


  • Southwest Apollyon fixes:
    • Elemental Immunity based on day corrected
  • Battlefield Selection screens no longer display battlefields players shouldn’t be able to legitimately enter.
  • Snoll Tzar Battlefield level restriction (level 60) restored.
  • Chlevnik no longer spams Chainspell in the Horns of War battlefield.
  • Dynamis-Beaucedine Time Extension statues corrected.
  • “Beat Around the Bushin” NPC Degenhard fixed, now allows proper progression on Black Belt quest.
  • Dragonflies in Meriphataud Mountains (S) are no longer aggressive to players.
  • Corrected an error in an FSTR check for Summoner Avatars (Physical Blood Pacts should do 0 damage far less often)

Job Abilities

  • Chocobo Jig II now applies an Area Effect on parties
  • Elemental Siphon should now operate as expected.

December 2020 Update Notes

Merry Starlight!

Winter is here, and with it comes days of merrymaking and friendship. Come join Supernova for the Starlight Celebration as part of the December Update!


NOTE: supernova-dats.zip has been updated. Link is in the sidebar. You can download that new zip file and overwrite as you would in the client install/update procedures.

The Updated Client Version is 30201006_1. You can check your client version ingame by typing “/ver” or by checking in the POL Viewer under “Check Files\Final Fantasy XI”.


  • Supernova has now been migrated to the Topaz codebase. With that has come numerous changes in the past month, far too many to mention in fact. Supernova Staff wants to thank all the players for bearing with the changes and for reporting bugs in Discord, and we encourage all players to continue to report bugs through the #ffxisupport channel.
  • Tells not being received should be fixed



  • Dynamis-Xarcabard and Dynamis-Buburimu cleanups
  • Dynamis statue oneshot logic fixed
    • Statues will now spawn mobs appropriately regardless if they are killed in one shot or not.
  • Limbus fixes
  • Blue Magic Types have been cleaned up

Player Titles

  • Proto-Omega now grants players titles properly


  • Synthesis Recipes: Behemoth Steak and Mushroom Saute recipes have been restored
  • Avatar-specific items now grant latents properly

Announcement: November 2020 Update

A couple words from Novah about today’s server update:

Quick message to everyone, please do NOT update your client today, tomorrow, or anytime soon until you are told to do so. There are some changes to the new client that the private server community has not fixed yet, which causes client crashes, more than the normal NPC-named-oddly differences. So don’t update and you’ll be fine!

If you have questions, please bring it up on the #ffxisupport channel on the Supernova Discord.

Happy adventuring!

October 2020 Spooky Update

Hello Supernovans!

This is the Season of the Witch, and to celebrate, we are bringing you an extra special treat. The Vana’diel Harvest Festival comes to Supernova for the first time ever!


The Updated Client Version is 30201006_1. You can check your client version ingame by typing “/ver” or by checking in the POL Viewer under “Check Files\Final Fantasy XI”.

The Harvest Festival works very similar to the 2005 Retail variation, complete with trading sweets to NPCs in exchange for spooky costumes, items, and a whole lot of fun!


Talking with the “Trick” NPCs in any zone will stop their movements. Please do not speak with the following NPCs – you only need to trade items to them:

Enjoy the Harvest Festival, it will be active for a while, get out there and grab your Treat Staves and Pitchforks, and have a wonderful harvest season!

Urgent Notification – Aht Urhgan Missions past AU15 currently Off-Limits

A recent instability surrounding Aht Urhgan Missions has been discovered, and as such all Aht Urhgan Missions beyond AU15 “The Black Coffin” *including cutscenes* are currently off-limits as declared by the GM team.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will let you know when these missions are safe to do again.

Please watch this space, our Discord channels, or ingame linkshell status message and linkshell chat for updated information as it comes.

Thank you!

Supernova Staff

September 2020 Patch Notes

Hello, Supernovans! Here follows your September 2020 Patch Notes. A Client Update will be required for this patch, so get out there and do those file checks!

Current Client Version will now be 30200904_2

General/FFXI CLIENT-related

  • With this update, the Chatlog Disappearance issue is resolved, no longer making the Chatfix plugins necessary. If you added these items to your init.txt (Windower4) or Default.txt (Ashita) plugin files, they can be removed post-update.


  • Drops for Lindwurm Skins have been increased somewhat.


  • Fixed various item dupe exploits.


Player Titles

  • Many titles were added to align more closely with retail (probably won’t affect us on Supernova, though).


  • Script correction for Wamoura Placeholder spawns.
    • Changed to the typical outdoor respawn timer 330s of non-NM mobs and removed scripted spawn in mob groups.


  • Ramen Noodle synthesis quantity now matches retail values.
  • Shiromochi and Shiromochi +1 are now craftable and usable.
  • Rolanberry Daifuku and Rolanberry Daifuku +1 stats now match retail values.

August 2020 Patch Notes

Welcome to the August 2020 “Aug, it’s STILL 2020” Update!

Client Update IS required for this Update.


  • A new Augment is available at Rhaegar. Turning in a Beastmaster’s Testimony and the appropriate amount of Dynamis Currency will net you the Pet Augment:
    • Pet: Accuracy +15, Pet: Ranged Acc. +15, Pet: Magic Accuracy +5, Pet: Magic Atk. Bonus +5, Pet: Damage Taken -5%
  • The Black Mage Augment has been updated:
    • Removed: Blood Pact Delay -10
    • Added: “Refresh” +1


  • Variety of crash and stability fixes.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to dupe rare items and allowed rare/ex items to be placed in player Bazaars.
  • Fixed an issue where characters that have more than 15 characters in their names would crash the server on login.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Harlequin Frame to use Ranged Auto-attacked when it’s not allowed to do so.

Mission and Quest Related


  • Players seeking Prestige in Limbus must now enter the battlefield to have their win counted.


  • Dynamis – Tavnazia Mega Boss spawn ??? is now visible always.


  • Allow players to spawn Cardian NMs without aggression while under the effect of Sneak during Windurst Mission 8-2


  • Corrected Placeholder ID for Orctrap.
  • Fixed an issue where Shen could crash the server on spawn.
  • Fixed Flashbulb and mob Sleepga from crashing the server when resisted.


  • Added missing item mod values for Verthandi’s Gem.

May Update Notes

Welcome to the May 2020 “Stability” Update!

Client Update *IS NOT* required for this Update



  • GMs have new tools to monitor server status.


  • Using the !warp command will strip away costumes when a Zantetsuken Hot/Cold quest is active.


  • Spells affected by Group 2 Merits now work as intended.
  • Elemental DOT spells now apply their correct effects.
    • Affected Spells: Burn, Shock, Choke, Rasp, Drown, Frost
  • The Subjob Restriction NPC in Celestial Nexus will now only apply a subjob restriction to players who have subjobs previously unlocked.
  • All Shuriken bundles are now usable.
  • Certain job-specific buffs that were not disappearing from players on job change now do correctly.
    • Buffs affected: too many to list


  • Final Time Extension mobs in Dynamis were readjusted to give appropriate amounts of time.


  • Pandemonium Warden’s special attack Discoid has been changed from conal to radial AOE.
  • Migratory Hippogryph’s difficulty has been adjusted to be more aligned with retail spec.


  • Synthesis for Debahocho/Debahocho +1 has been added, with its retail-accurate recipe.

April 2020 Update Notes

Welcome to the April 2020 Update!

Client Update *IS* required for this Patch



  • A special one-day event which may see players living in the skin of others, not practicing proper social distancing techniques at all!
  • Chocobo Circuit NPCs may also be haywire, so be wary to whom you speak!


  • Antiqix in Castle Oztroja will now sell Angel Skins at a cost of 1 Lungo-Nango Jadeshell instead of 7.
  • Behemoth meat has been added to the Lottery list. (as of the 4/9/2020 mini-update)


Group 2 Merits

  • Group 2 Merits for spellcasting jobs have been reworked to mirror the new retail standards.
    • New Merit listing and status (Green is working, Red is not coded):
      • White Mage:
        • Animus: Solace
        • Animus: Misery
      • Black Mage
        • Ancient Magic Attack Bonus 
        • Ancient Magic Burst Damage Bonus 
        • Elemental Magic Accuracy 
        • Elemental Debuff Duration
        • Elemental Debuff Effect
        • Aspir Absorption Amount
      • Red Mage
        • Enfeebling Magic Duration
        • Magic Accuracy
        • Enhancing Magic Duration
        • Enspell Damage
        • Immunobreak Chance
      • Ninja
        • Accuracy
        • Yonin Effect
        • Innin Effect
        • Ninja Magic Accuracy
        • Ninja Magic Bonus
      • Bard
        • Con Anima
        • Con Brio
  • Spells formerly obtained through Group 2 merits are now available as scrolls from vendors in Lower Jeuno and Norg.
    • Spells affected:
      • Black Mage: Flood II, Tornado II, Quake II, Burst II, Flare II
      • Red Mage: Paralyze II, Slow II, Phalanx II, Dia III, Bio III, Blind II
      • Ninja: Hyoton: San, Katon: San, Huton: San, Doton: San, Suiton: San, Raiton: San


  • Paladin – Rampart has been re-worked and has been implemented anew with a blanket damage reduction as opposed to a magic shield.


  • Fixed Sewer Syrup placeholders to be Dark Aspics again.
  • Corrected udmg resistances on Tinnin – Tinnin is now immune to breath damage/breath abilities, more closely aligning it with retail.
  • Corrected udmg resistance for Dynamis Lord while Ying and Yang are initially alive. Meaning, Dynamis Lord will not take damage until Ying and Yang are defeated, mirroring retail.
  • Corrected a faulty spawn condition for Tzee Xicu the Manifest. (as of the 4/9/2020 mini-update)



  • There is an issue with the scroll of Slow II not working properly, this will be fixed soon.
    • *** This has been fixed as of 4/9/2020, and scrolls of Slow II are now usable ***
  • The Bard spells Foe Sirvente and Adventurer’s Dirge are currently unobtainable as they are not coded at all.  No ETA on either of these.
  • Players who had previously invested merit points in the old Group 2 merits cannot invest in the new Group 2 merits.  Developers are working to solve this quickly!
    • *** This has been fixed as of 4/6/2020, and players who had prior merits in old groups have been reimbursed merit points ***