August 2020 Patch Notes

Welcome to the August 2020 “Aug, it’s STILL 2020” Update!

Client Update IS required for this Update.


  • A new Augment is available at Rhaegar. Turning in a Beastmaster’s Testimony and the appropriate amount of Dynamis Currency will net you the Pet Augment:
    • Pet: Accuracy +15, Pet: Ranged Acc. +15, Pet: Magic Accuracy +5, Pet: Magic Atk. Bonus +5, Pet: Damage Taken -5%
  • The Black Mage Augment has been updated:
    • Removed: Blood Pact Delay -10
    • Added: “Refresh” +1


  • Variety of crash and stability fixes.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to dupe rare items and allowed rare/ex items to be placed in player Bazaars.
  • Fixed an issue where characters that have more than 15 characters in their names would crash the server on login.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Harlequin Frame to use Ranged Auto-attacked when it’s not allowed to do so.

Mission and Quest Related


  • Players seeking Prestige in Limbus must now enter the battlefield to have their win counted.


  • Dynamis – Tavnazia Mega Boss spawn ??? is now visible always.


  • Allow players to spawn Cardian NMs without aggression while under the effect of Sneak during Windurst Mission 8-2


  • Corrected Placeholder ID for Orctrap.
  • Fixed an issue where Shen could crash the server on spawn.
  • Fixed Flashbulb and mob Sleepga from crashing the server when resisted.


  • Added missing item mod values for Verthandi’s Gem.

May Update Notes

Welcome to the May 2020 “Stability” Update!

Client Update *IS NOT* required for this Update



  • GMs have new tools to monitor server status.


  • Using the !warp command will strip away costumes when a Zantetsuken Hot/Cold quest is active.


  • Spells affected by Group 2 Merits now work as intended.
  • Elemental DOT spells now apply their correct effects.
    • Affected Spells: Burn, Shock, Choke, Rasp, Drown, Frost
  • The Subjob Restriction NPC in Celestial Nexus will now only apply a subjob restriction to players who have subjobs previously unlocked.
  • All Shuriken bundles are now usable.
  • Certain job-specific buffs that were not disappearing from players on job change now do correctly.
    • Buffs affected: too many to list


  • Final Time Extension mobs in Dynamis were readjusted to give appropriate amounts of time.


  • Pandemonium Warden’s special attack Discoid has been changed from conal to radial AOE.
  • Migratory Hippogryph’s difficulty has been adjusted to be more aligned with retail spec.


  • Synthesis for Debahocho/Debahocho +1 has been added, with its retail-accurate recipe.

April 2020 Update Notes

Welcome to the April 2020 Update!

Client Update *IS* required for this Patch



  • A special one-day event which may see players living in the skin of others, not practicing proper social distancing techniques at all!
  • Chocobo Circuit NPCs may also be haywire, so be wary to whom you speak!


  • Antiqix in Castle Oztroja will now sell Angel Skins at a cost of 1 Lungo-Nango Jadeshell instead of 7.
  • Behemoth meat has been added to the Lottery list. (as of the 4/9/2020 mini-update)


Group 2 Merits

  • Group 2 Merits for spellcasting jobs have been reworked to mirror the new retail standards.
    • New Merit listing and status (Green is working, Red is not coded):
      • White Mage:
        • Animus: Solace
        • Animus: Misery
      • Black Mage
        • Ancient Magic Attack Bonus 
        • Ancient Magic Burst Damage Bonus 
        • Elemental Magic Accuracy 
        • Elemental Debuff Duration
        • Elemental Debuff Effect
        • Aspir Absorption Amount
      • Red Mage
        • Enfeebling Magic Duration
        • Magic Accuracy
        • Enhancing Magic Duration
        • Enspell Damage
        • Immunobreak Chance
      • Ninja
        • Accuracy
        • Yonin Effect
        • Innin Effect
        • Ninja Magic Accuracy
        • Ninja Magic Bonus
      • Bard
        • Con Anima
        • Con Brio
  • Spells formerly obtained through Group 2 merits are now available as scrolls from vendors in Lower Jeuno and Norg.
    • Spells affected:
      • Black Mage: Flood II, Tornado II, Quake II, Burst II, Flare II
      • Red Mage: Paralyze II, Slow II, Phalanx II, Dia III, Bio III, Blind II
      • Ninja: Hyoton: San, Katon: San, Huton: San, Doton: San, Suiton: San, Raiton: San


  • Paladin – Rampart has been re-worked and has been implemented anew with a blanket damage reduction as opposed to a magic shield.


  • Fixed Sewer Syrup placeholders to be Dark Aspics again.
  • Corrected udmg resistances on Tinnin – Tinnin is now immune to breath damage/breath abilities, more closely aligning it with retail.
  • Corrected udmg resistance for Dynamis Lord while Ying and Yang are initially alive. Meaning, Dynamis Lord will not take damage until Ying and Yang are defeated, mirroring retail.
  • Corrected a faulty spawn condition for Tzee Xicu the Manifest. (as of the 4/9/2020 mini-update)



  • There is an issue with the scroll of Slow II not working properly, this will be fixed soon.
    • *** This has been fixed as of 4/9/2020, and scrolls of Slow II are now usable ***
  • The Bard spells Foe Sirvente and Adventurer’s Dirge are currently unobtainable as they are not coded at all.  No ETA on either of these.
  • Players who had previously invested merit points in the old Group 2 merits cannot invest in the new Group 2 merits.  Developers are working to solve this quickly!
    • *** This has been fixed as of 4/6/2020, and players who had prior merits in old groups have been reimbursed merit points ***

August 2019 Update Notes

Welcome to the August 2019 Update!

Client Update not required for this Patch

Supernova Custom

Absolute Virtue

  • Added a message that shows why a given Job-Specific Ability failed to lock.
  • Decreased physical defense. Increase HP.
  • Increased Job-Specific Ability lock window to account for message lag.
  • Fixed spell lists immediately reverting after using Job-Specific Ability ( i.e., prevent Chainspell + Meteor)
  • Give Absolute Virtue Double Attack and Triple Attack Job Traits.


  • Added cursed item materials shop to Odin.
  • Added Mhaura to List of Home Zones.
  • Fixed Loot Pool for Pandemonium Warden.
  • Disable Behemoth’s Dominion !mission warp while King Behemoth is alive.

Quality of Life

  • Add !mission ally warp to Death Spiral during PM 5-3 Three Paths / Tenzen route.
  • Add Rhaegar (relic augment NPC) to Selbina.
  • Bring Rahzeem out from underground in Mhaura.


  • Disabled the ability to gain XP in Dynamis/Limbus.
  • First tick of resting now takes 20 seconds rather than 10.
  • Removed mounted status when using !commands that teleport you.


  • Balanced base HQ synth rate to account for Directional synth boost.
  • Refactored crafting direction to give +10% HQ rate.


  • Added a 5 minute medicated effect to Dawn Mulsum to prevent immortal pet abuse.


  • White Mage
    • Added Protectra V and Shellra V scrolls to merchant Hasim in Lower Jeuno.
  • Bard
    • Adjusted (up) Prelude formula (it got a small boost).
  • Dragoon
    • Fixed attack penalty on Drakesbane.
      • (0.8125/100/200/300 instead of 1.0/100/200/300)
    • Fixed DRG super jump timer merit.
  • Thief
    • Fixed sneak attack not forcing critical damage.
  • Puppetmaster
    • Fixed automaton not beginning to skill up magic
    • Fixed automaton ranged attacks doing 0 damage.
    • Fixed fTP/crit rate on Stringing Pummel.
      • (.75/100/200/300 instead of 1.0/100/200/300)
  • Fixed Evasion Down abilities flooring target’s Evasion
    • (previously, mob abilities like Infrasonics would stack Evasion Down status, bringing a player’s Evasion to 0 over time)
  • Fixed fSTR/fSTR2 calculation.
  • More Dia/Bio overwriting fixes.
  • Fixed Atonement, Spirits Within, and Hybrid Weaponskills.


  • Fixed invisible Errand Imps in Shadowreign zones.
  • Fixed real Padfoot not dropping its loot.
  • Group Sky gods loot so they don’t drop more than 10 items.
  • Make Fraudubio spawn off Fraelissa.

Missions & Quests

  • Fixed a broken KI reward during Bastok Mission 7-1.

May 2019 Content Update 2 – Dynamis Lord Boogaloo



Adjusted XP rates for duos and trios.

We’ve decided to add a variety of items that was only obtainable via lottery only and added them to Dynamis Bosses and Pandemonium Warden; yes, Warden is actually worth doing now!
Further information on custom drops can be viewed on the HNM Page and the Mega Boss Page!

Zantetsuken Shop Update

Zantetsuken Shop will now sell the following materials, used to create the items listed:

  • Pelt of Dawon (Vivid Strap/+1)
  • Ethereal Squama (Fylgjia Torque/+1)
  • Muculent Ingot (Ire Torque/+1)
  • Befouled Silver (Lemegeton Medallion+/1)
  • Scarlet Kadife (Pythia Sash/+1)
  • Igneous Barnacle (Toxon Belt/+1)
  • Kidney Stone (Incubus Earring/+1)

To craft the rewards, use an earth or terra crystal plus one of the materials. Each Recipe requires level 50 in all crafts.  See the Crafting on Supernova page for further details on the recipes for these items!

QoL Adjustments & Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Metalworks conquest overseers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect Utsusemi overwriting behavior after zoning with Utsusemi active.
  • Fixed a bug when disposing of conquest supplies.
  • Fixed several bugs that prevented players from progressing on nation missions.
  • Spell “Death” can no longer be blocked by shadow images.


  • Opo-opo Necklace latent now triggers on Lullaby.
  • Sword Strap now works.


  • Aerial Blast now does wind damage, rather than earth.
  • Chance to guard is now based on job/sub, rather than type of weapon used.
  • Cure V now generates less enmity.
  • Damage-dealing blood pacts now wipe shadows, rather than ignoring them.
  • Dia and Bio now land initial damage, but status does not overwrite for equal power effect (e.g. Goblin Leechers spamming Dia do not refresh effect duration on target).
  • Decreased duration of Perfect Dodge.
  • Equal tier elegy does now refresh the effect duration.
  • Increased duration of Etudes, Preludes, Sirvente, and Dirge.
  • Increased potency of Dia’s Defense Down and Bio’s Attack Down effects.
  • Threnodies now work.
  • Troubadour now affects lullaby duration.

Mob Behavior

  • Beryl-footed Molberry will no longer spawn inside a wall.
  • Cactuars now aggro sound.
  • Certain mobskills no longer proc additional effects if they do no damage.
  • Chatoyant Quadav is now a WHM rather than a BLM.
  • Efts no longer aggro.
  • Fixed model for mob Slendlix Spindlethumb.
  • Fixed some specter models in Fei’Yin.
  • Implemented some ladybug mobskills.
  • Increased radius of scorpion mobskills Earthbreaker and Venom Storm.
  • Kirin no longer uses Riddle.
  • Mandragoras now attack twice per round.
  • Monk mobs no longer attack quite so fast.
  • Ouryu now has elemental magic skill, during battlefield “The Savage”.
  • Slime Molds and Puks no longer link.
  • Various adjustments to sea monk mobskills, and Lord of Onzozo behavior.

Missions & Quests

  • Brass door in Castle Oztroja can now be opened with Judgment Key even if player is not on Windurst Rank Mission 6-2.
  • Fixed a broken trade during quest “The Road to Aht Urhgan”.
  • Implemented Mog Safe questline
  • Nabihwah is now an Imperial Gate Guard.
  • Test Answers are now removed from player during quest “Making the Grade”.

Update Notes – May 10, 2019

Hail, Adventurers!


Spring is in full swing and Summer is rapidly upon us!  Here are the patch notes for the current Supernova update, so as always remember to update your client before logging in, and be ready for some new goodies!!

[Quality of Life]

[Crafting & Items]

  • Added Bugard Strap/+1 Desynth Recipes.
  • Fixed order of Goldsmithing and Leathercrafting guild point purchasables.
  • Implemented enchantment on Curaga Earring.


  • Fixed TP calculation on H2H attacks (were rewarding slightly too much TP for both players and mobs).
  • Implemented increased chance to learn BLU magic, on AF hands.
  • Mighty Strikes will now cause a weapon skill to crit regardless of its paramaters.
  • Velocity Shot recast lowered from 5 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Weaponskill attack multiplier can now vary by TP. Sturmwind and Iron Tempest to do more damage at 2000+ TP.


[Missions & Quests]

Update Notes March 18 2019

Hail, Adventurers!  As the season changes from Wintry Cold to Pollen Gold, we hope you will take a second to peruse the Update Notes coming at you hot from the Development Team!

As with most updates, a client update is required.

Happy Hunting!


List of NMs implemented/adjusted:

  • Ancient Goobbue
  • Ancient Weapon
  • Antican Praetor
  • Barbaric Weapon
  • Bugaboo
  • Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon
  • Chonchon
  • Coo Keja the Unseen
  • Coquecigrue
  • Dalham
  • Donggu
  • Draketrader Zlodgodd
  • Euryale
  • Feeblescheme Bhogbigg
  • Frogamander
  • Gerwitz’s Scythe
  • Gloombound Lurker
  • Herensugue
  • Huu Xalmo the Savage
  • Iriz Ima
  • Jailer of Hope
  • Killer Jonny
  • Lamia No.27
  • Legendary Weapon
  • Lesath
  • Marquis Naberius
  • Moshdahn
  • Muq Shabeel
  • Ob
  • Ose
  • Patripatan
  • Picklix Longindex
  • Proto-Omega
  • Proto-Ultima
  • Qoofim
  • Ravenous Crawler
  • Rogue Receptacle
  • Ru’Aern (PM8-1 Aern trios at Rubious Crystal towers)
  • Sabotender Corrido
  • Sarcopsylla
  • Shatterskull Mippdapp
  • Shikigami Weapon
  • Wyrmfly

Update Notes February 12 2019

Hail, Adventurers!  Love is in the air this mid-February, and so is our continued love for you!  Feast your eyes on today’s update notes and may your hearts be content as you update your clients in preparation!

New stuff

  • Enmity overhaul. Details available here  (lots of math, lots of details).
    • adjustments to enmity values for certain spells and abilities
    • mobs jump around less overall from player to player.
  • Mob melee additional effect overhaul. Effects modified on, and added to, many mobs to make them more retail-accurate.
  • Mob job special ability (2hr) overhaul. Many NMs were given their 2hr, or had it updated. New system supports mobs with multiple 2hrs, repeated-use 2hr, and lots more.
  • Transport timer overhaul. Should make certain elevators and bridges more reliable.
  • Added glitter animation to excavation points.
  • The /salute emote now varies by nation.
  • Portable healing (ethers, potions, elixirs, etc.) removed from auction house dupe system.
  • Automaton attachments that were not balanced for 75-cap combat have been removed. We will revisit these as new content is released (assault, etc.).
  • Castle Oztroja [S] is open for business.
  • Added Pirate encounters to ferries. Not fully implemented, but Sand Charm can now be acquired.

Quest related

  • Implemented quests “Fly High” and “Over the Hills and Far Away”

Zantetsuken Quest

  • Implemented NM Zantetsuken reward system.
    • This is not the full-fledged custom NM system we do still plan to implement in future updates, but it is a new way for players to earn Zan points.
    • Zan will be rewarded for killing timer/lottery NMs that drop uncommon AH-able loot. Higher level NMs will reward more than lower level ones. Lottery NMs will reward more than timer NMs.
    • We hope this will incentivize players to hunt NMs not commonly targeted, which will keep the AH stocked with some of the lower-level rare gear that’s often missing on the AH.
    • Note that there is a -very- long cooldown on these rewards, so maximize your Zan by killing a variety of NMs. Farming the same one daily won’t work at all.

Bug/issue fixes:

  • Fixed kick attack base damage calculations
  • Fixed item mods for increased attack percent
  • Hooked up Footwork kick attack percent
  • Updated Dragon Kick modifiers.
  • Fixed mobs with level range never being assigned maximum level in their range.
  • Fixed weather changing slightly too often.
  • Fixed Bomb Queen crashing server when spawning pets.
  • Fixed Colored rocks from HELM being the wrong color on earth and watersday.
  • Fixed Nexus cape not allowing teleport to Western Altepa Desert.
  • Fixed scrawled writing not moving after spawning Goblin Wolfman.
  • Fixed Altepa Gate not opening when all four columns are triggered.
  • Fixed Lumber Jack spawning with hate on player.
  • Vanguard Dragontamers are now goblins rather than yagudos.
  • A number of mobs that were flagged as being fished up, rather than spawning normally.
  • Fixed Missing NPC dialog during quest “The Pickpocket”.
  • Fixed Incorrect end NPC for quest “Exit the Gambler”.
  • Fixed Ark Pentasphere being multi-use.
  • Fixed certain gear not applying correct amount of haste.
  • Fixed incorrect respawn timers and levels for many mob groups.
  • Fixed pets not disengaging from combat during cutscenes. (Thanks, None!)
  • Fixed players not getting kills registered when using Chaosbringer to unlock DRK.
  • Fixed players not having cavernous maws registered when taking them from past to present.
  • Fixed players not able to use runic portal while in possession of certain key items.
  • Fixed Benediction not healing party members.
  • Fixed Some incorrect events/messages during “Heart of the Matter”.
  • Fixed Embrava not embraving things.
  • Fixed Feint wearing on unsuccessful attacks.
  • Fixed Key items not bring removed from some party members entering Limbus.
  • Fixed several packet injection vulnerabilities. (Thanks, None!)

Implemented behavior on ZNMs:

  • Brass Borer
  • Chamrosh
  • Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon
  • Aa Xalmo the Savage
  • Abyss Sahagin
  • Asterion
  • Big Bang
  • Bonnacon
  • Bonze Marberry
  • Calchas
  • Canal Moocher
  • Death from Above
  • Dee Zelko the Esoteric
  • Desmodont
  • Duu Masa the Onecut
  • Elusive Edwin
  • Fleshgnasher
  • Fungus Beetle
  • Gharial
  • Goaftrap
  • Goblin Wolfman
  • Hyakinthos
  • Ixtab
  • Konjac
  • Legalox Heftyhind
  • Lizardtrap
  • Loo Kutto the Pensive
  • Maa Illmu the Bestower
  • Magnotaur
  • Manipulator
  • Marquis Forneus
  • Melusine
  • Morbolger
  • Morille Mortelle
  • Novv the Whitehearted
  • Ocean Sahagin
  • Sacrificial Goblet
  • Shankha
  • Skvader
  • Sozu Rogberry
  • Suu Xicu the Cantabile
  • Thunderclaw Thuban
  • Vee Ladu the Titterer
  • Warabouc
  • Wurr the Sandcomber
    * Yarr the Pearleyed

Update Notes – Jan 18 2019

Hail, Adventurers! A new update has come to Supernova for this chilly mid January!  No client update is needed so feel free to login and enjoy the newly implemented items and NMs.

New Stuff

  • New fireworks added to fireworks chest!
  • Implemented TP moves:
    • Abominable Belch
    • Apocalyptic Ray
    • Eternal Damnation
    • Perdition
    • Proboscis Shower


NM/Mob Related

Job Related


  • Fixed an exploit with Drum Magazine attachment.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where talking to Zasshal crashed the server.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC Raminel during a cutscene in quest “Riding on the Clouds”.
  • Fixed an issue with Mythic WS not doing skillchain damage.
  • Fixed the costume NPC (again).
  • Adjusted price of some guild shop wares.
  • Mythic WS can no longer be unlocked while under level restriction.
  • Garrison pop items removed from lottery; Garrison is not yet full implemented (no rewards drop).