Alternate Characters and Multiboxing

There are considerable restrictions placed on multiboxing on our server. As we are a 2007-era FFXI server, we heavily emphasize teamwork and cooperation among players. FFXI at its core was designed to be a challenging game that required teamwork and communication. While this has changed in the retail version of FFXI in recent years (where a 99 can now solo almost any content), our server sticks to the initial philosophy of the game. We realize that playing a full party of 6 characters can be a fun side project, but this is all we will allow it to be.

If you make additional characters (alts), please let a GM know their names, and which is your main character.

While multiboxing, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Using more than one character at a time with any other players, for anything.
  • Killing any mob with a respawn longer than one hour.
  • Killing HNMs or ZNMs.
  • Entering Abyssea, Dynamis, Limbus, Sky, or Sea.
  • Taking an XP camp from a party of non-multiboxers. If a non-multibox group arrives, you must give them the camp.
  • Playing more than 6 characters at once.
  • Abusing any exploits you find.
  • Hiding the fact that you’re using alts, if asked.

You may play with others as normal on just one of your alts instead of your main (not multiboxing), however that alt may only lot on items that go freelot.

Violation of these rules may result in an IP ban of the player and deletion of all associated characters.