Enabling Relic Equip for Additional Jobs in Gearswap

Howdy folks!

One of Supernova’s coolest features is that TOAU+WOTG jobs can use an appropriate relic weapon via equipsets, but did you know that with a quick Windower script edit, you can allow those weapons to be equipped via the Windower add-on Gearswap?

This requires an intermediate level of comfort with Windower and file copying. It is highly advised to back up the Windower folder before proceeding.

Save the file from the link below, then copy it to the \Windower4\res folder (generally, this will be at c:\program files (x86)\windower4\res)

Supernova Custom items.lua for Gearswap

And that’s it! There are custom fields added that allow the following jobs to equip the relics listed below:

Blue Mage – Excalibur (itemid = 18276)
Dancer – Mandau (itemid = 18270)
Scholar – Claustrum (itemid = 18330)
Puppetmaster – Spharai (itemid = 18264)
Corsair – Annihilator (itemid = 18336)

You can now use the syntax

main = "Weapon name"

in your gearswap files for equipsets if you so desire!

For the technical minded, here’s a comparison of both files for the Annihilator. Look at the section labeled “jobs”

Custom File:

“jobs=133120” enables windower/gearswap to equip Annihilator to Ranger and Corsair, if the server also allows it.

[18336] = {id=18336,en="Annihilator",ja="アナイアレイター",enl="Annihilator",jal="アナイアレイター",category="Weapon",damage=47,delay=582,flags=63552,jobs=133120,level=75,races=510,skill=26,slots=4,stack=1,targets=0,type=4},

Original File:

“jobs=2048” only enables windower/gearswap to equip Annihilator to Ranger, aligning with Retail spec.

[18336] = {id=18336,en="Annihilator",ja="アナイアレイター",enl="Annihilator",jal="アナイアレイター",category="Weapon",damage=47,delay=582,flags=63552,jobs=2048,level=75,races=510,skill=26,slots=4,stack=1,targets=0,type=4},

NOTE: To retain this functionality, you will have to copy the file back to the \res folder any time Windower updates

Happy adventuring!