Crafting on Supernova


Crafting on Supernova bears significant differences than on retail.  Most notably, skillup rates are boosted so it will take less time to level and rank crafts up, and players can join all  8 crafting guilds without switching back and forth, allowing them to join the affectionately-dubbed “800 Club”, being among players who have reached Veteran rank in all 8 disciplines.

Crafting Basics

To begin a crafting discipline, simply speak to the relevant Guild Master NPC for your chosen craft. You can join any craft at any time, and progress on current crafts is not lost.

With the Alchemy Guild, Guild NPC Hemewmew will give players certain crafting key items for Alchemy as they rank up.  Players receive the Key Item Alchemic Ensorcellment upon joining the Alchemy Guild.  As players rank up, they only need to speak with Hemewmew in Bastok Mines at the Alchemy Union to receive the associated Key Item.

  • Trituration – Recruit
  • Iatrochemistry – Initiate
  • Concoction – Novice
  • Alchemic Purification – Apprentice

Custom Recipes

Zantetsuken Recipes

The following items can be synthesized only after gaining access to the Zantetsuken Shop via the Zantetsuken Quest and purchasing the appropriate material with Zan Points.

Each of the recipes below require the crafter to have attained level 50 in each crafting discipline.  All Zan recipes require an earth crystal (or a Terra crystal to sign) and the single relevant material.

  • Fylgja Torque
  • HQ1: Fylgia Torque +1
    • Earth Crystal
    • Ethereal Squama
  • Ire Torque
  • HQ1: Ire Torque +1
    • Earth Crystal
    • Muculent Ingot
  • Pythia Sash
  • HQ1: Pythia Sash +1
    • Earth Crystal
    • Scarlet Kadife
  • Toxon Belt
  • HQ1: Toxon Belt +1
    • Earth Crystal
    • Igneous Barnacle

Other Recipes


A few recipes for ammunition have been added/altered for use on Supernova.

  • Kabura Arrow
  • Woodworking 40, Bonecraft 30
  • Yield: Kabura Arrow x 33
  • HQ 1: Kabura Arrow x 66
  • HQ 2: Kabura Arrow x 99
    • Earth Crystal
    • 1x Bamboo Stick
    • 1x Karimata Arrowheads
    • 1x Giant Bird Fletchings
    • 1x Buffalo Horn
  • Corsair Bullet
  • Alchemy 40, Goldsmithing 30
    • Fire Crystal
    • 1x Aluminum Ingot
    • 1x Firesand
  • Koga Shuriken
  • Smithing 95, Goldsmithing 95
    • Wind Crystal
    • Paktong Ingot
    • Molybdenum Ingot
    • Orichalcum Sheet
    • Manticore Hair