Server Commands

One of Supernova’s most useful custom tools are our custom player commands.  These tools will allow users to display information about themselves, their surroundings, and can assist with fast travel to areas.

Use of these commands is common with the following syntax – !command in the chat window – commands work in all chat variations, party, linkshell, etc.


And the readout for commands (if they exist) will display to the user only:


Here is a list of commands all players can use:

  • !amibeingdetained
    Report to jailed players their offense, jailer, and length of sentence.
    (note: currently does not work as a code change in DSP source has made it so that non-GM players cannot issue commands while in jail)
  • !arkangel
    Apply random Ark Angel costume to player.
  • !expcamp
    Teleport player to exp camp of choice. [List of camps]
    Inflicts 5 minute weakness if used more than once an hour.
  • !gilgamesh
    Apply a scary costume to player.
  • !help
    Teleport player to room with helpful Supernova NPCs.
  • !home
    Teleport player to Chocobo Circuit or current Supernova Home.
  • !lycopodium
    Apply a cute costume to player.
  • !mission {number}
    Teleports players to a nearby helpful location for Rise of the Zilart or Chains of Promathia missions based on number.
  • !myth
    Grants players who have completed a Mythic Weaponskill quest access to that weaponskill in the current zone.
  • !racetrack
    Teleport player to racetrack area of Chocobo Circuit.
  • !self
    Remove active costume.
  • !setmentor
    Set target’s mentor flag. Mode 0 is off. 1 is toggleable. 2 is on.
  • !setmusic
    Set music played by client.
    typeId: 0=Day 1=Night 2=Solo-Battle 3=Party-Battle 4=Chocobo
    songId: [List of songs]
  • !starlight
    Teleport player to Lower Jeuno.
  • !uptime
    Display time Supernova server has been up (HH:MM:SS format).
  • !warp
    Warp own character to homepoint.
    Inflicts 5 minute weakness if used more than once an hour.
  • !where
    Display current coordinates.

!expcamp command

This command will instantly warp you to a predetermined camp that is appropriate for the level for a six-man (in some cases, you can get away with a smaller number) party.  While these camps are not FoV or GoV camps, some of them may have a book nearby for buffs.  Signet is recommended for the camps in non-AU areas and Sanction is recommended in AU-area camps.

The final expcamp is a level 60 camp in Aydeewa Subterrane.
Repeated use of the expcamp command more than once in a 1 hour period will result in your character being weakened for 5 minutes.

Syntax (# = level of the lowest member of your party): !expcamp #

  • !expcamp 10-11 Valkurm Dunes (L-10) Hill Lizard
    Poisona recommended.
  • !expcamp 12-14 Valkurm Dunes (H-9) Snipper
    Barwater/Barwatera recommended. Dia is very useful for decreasing crab’s naturally high defense.
  • !expcamp 15-16 Korroloka Tunnel (C-8) Land Worm
    Barstonra and Silence are recommended.
  • !expcamp 17 Valkurm Dunes (J-7) Damselfly
    Poisona and/or Antidotes recommended.
  • !expcamp 18-19 Sauromugue Champaign (G-7) Diving Beetle
  • !expcamp 20-21 Qufim Island (H-8) Land Worm / Clipper
    Fight Land Worms at 20. Include Clippers at 21.
    Stone and Water resistance recommended, Silence and Echo Drops are useful.
  • !expcamp 22-23 Carpenters’ Landing (I-12) Diving Beetle / Shrieker
    Fight Diving Beetles at 22. Include Shrieker’s at 23.
    Poison removal and Paralyna are useful against Shriekers.
  • !expcamp 24-25 Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6) Yuhtunga Mandragora
    Curaga is useful against Sleepga moves from Mandragoras.
  • !expcamp 26-27 Yuhtunga Jungle (G-10) Goblin Furrier / Young Opo-opo
    Fight Goblin Furrier at 26. Include Young Opo Opo at 27.
    Barfira highly recommended to mitigate Bomb Toss AOE damage.
  • !expcamp 28-29 Yhoator Jungle (F-7) Yhoator Mandragora
  • !expcamp 30-31 Sauromugue Champaign (G-7) Evil Weapon
  • !expcamp 32-33 Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6) Desert Dhalmel
    Echo drops recommended against Dhalmel’s Cold Stare ability.
  • !expcamp 34-35 Garlaige Citadel (G-7) Siege Bat / Borer Beetle / Wingrats
  • !expcamp 36-37 Crawlers’ Nest (J-9) Worker Crawler
    Erase and a form of Poison removal recommended.
  • !expcamp 38-39 East Ronfaure [S] (I-10) Ladybug
  • !expcamp 40-41 Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10) Goblin Robber
    Barfira very useful to mitigate Bomb Toss damage.
  • !expcamp 42-43 Western Altepa Desert (H-7) Desert Beetle
  • !expcamp 44-45 Meriphataud Mountains (S) (G-5) Lynx
    Pull from all directions.
    Echo Drops and Paralysis removal recommended.
  • !expcamp 46-47 Bostaunieux Oubliette (I-6) Funnel Bats
  • !expcamp 48-49 Garlaige Citadel (F-8) Chamber Beetle
  • !expcamp 50-51 The Boyahda Tree (J-11) Bark Spider
    Sleep recommended for tight pulls, from three directions.
    Mitigate links intelligently.
    Bring Erase and Haste to counteract Spider Web.
    Poison removal useful against Acid Spray ability.
  • !expcamp 52-53 Uleguerand Range (G-11) Variable Hare / Uleguerand Tiger
    Fight Variable hares from 52-53 and add Uleguerand Tigers at 53.
  • !expcamp 54-55 Bhaflau Thickets (I-8) Lesser Colibri / Aht Urhgan Attercop
    Fight Colibri from 54-55 and add Spiders if waiting on Colibri respawns.
  • !expcamp 56 Gustav Tunnel (H-10) Robber Crab / Goblins
  • !expcamp 57 Cape Teriggan (I-9) Robber Crab / Terror Pugil / Beach Bunny
  • !expcamp 58 Bhaflau Thickets (I-8) Lesser Colibri / Aht Urhgan Attercop
    !expcamp 59 Aydeewa Subterrane (J-7) Defoliator