Known Issues and FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the Population like on Supernova?
    • The population shifts pretty regularly seasonally. Most often there are 20-30 characters online during European Evening/Americas AM timeframe (0500 EST-1600 EST), and between 30-50 characters during Americas PM (roughly 1700 EST – 0000 EST)
  • What is the most beneficial job/what job should I level first?
    • The easiest answer to this is *the job that you have the most fun playing*. Of course there are support jobs that are always helpful (basically, every mage job and bard) but if you really enjoy playing Paladin, level that first! There’s no content you can’t do as a preferred job in Final Fantasy with the correct support.
  • Can I stream Supernova?
    • Absolutely. We’ve had many players stream throughout the years on various media and we enjoy seeing our players on streams. We ask you not to speak as if you represent Supernova staff and as a mild suggestion, maybe hide your ingame chat window so you don’t potentially show off private chats.
  • Why are Field of Valor/Grounds of Valor pages not repeating?
    • We have incredibly boosted experience gains on Supernova already, and the boosts go higher as the mob toughness increases (ex. Incredibly Tough mobs with High Defense and Evasion have the highest exp gains). As such, we allow Valor pages once per game day, as a small added bonus on top of that. Our Mob of the Month system also has an even higher boost to exp for the chosen mob family that month, so find the camps that give the most yield for your party setup and take advantage of the huge boosts!
  • Is [Content/Item] available/usable? Why not?
    • Some content is not available because it hasn’t been coded or completed by the upstream codebase team, but we do have in some examples, custom ways to acquire gear from some of them.
    • Nyzul Isle Armor is available from Dreamworld Dynamis Minibosses and Jormungand.
    • Many Assault Accessories (Rings/Earrings) are available in Treasure Caskets.
    • Einherjar Gear (and more!) is available by visiting Odin and completing the Zantetsuken Quest.
    • Mythic Weapons are NOT available, but you can get the Mythic Weaponskills by completing the Prestige Quest for the desired job.
    • Salvage and its gear is entirely unavailable at this time.
  • Are Trusts available?
    • No. Trust Magic is not enabled on Supernova and there are no plans to implement it.
  • How does the Auction House work? Is it manually restocked?
    • The Auction House is repopulated by players and the Supernova Auction House Duplication system. Details on that system are highlighted on the Custom Content page.
  • Can I get Mythic Weapons or Weaponskills?
    • Mythic Weapons are not available as the systems to get them are also not yet available. The Weaponskills are, however, obtainable through a custom quest we call “Prestige“.

Available Content

  • Core FFXI
    • Rank Missions for all nations
    • all crafts, even fishing
    • BCNM System
    • Land Kings/HNM system
  • Rise of the Zilart Expansion
    • All Missions
    • All jobs
    • Dynamis
    • Sky Gods System
  • Chains of Promathia Expansion
    • All Missions
    • All jobs
    • ENM System (partial)
    • Sea NM System
    • Dreamworld Dynamis
    • Limbus (notes below)
    • Storms of Fate
    • Apocalypse Nigh
  • Treasures of Aht Urhgan Expansion
    • All Missions
    • Assault (partial – only PSC missions available presently and some of those don’t work)
    • All jobs
    • Mog Locker System
    • Zeni Notorious Monster System
  • Wings of the Goddess
    • All jobs
    • Cavernous Maws
    • Most areas
  • Vision of Abyssea
    • Abyssea – Tahrongi area

Unavailable Content

  • Seekers of Adoulin Expansion
  • Rhapsodies of Vana’diel Expansion
  • Add-on Content (A Moogle Kupo d’Etat, A Crystalline Prophecy, A Shantotto Ascension)
  • Geomancer and Rune Fencer
  • Salvage
  • Besieged
  • Pankration
  • Trusts
  • Monstrosity
  • Einherjar (rewards available from Zantetsuken Quest)
  • The Avatars Einherjar and Odin
  • Allied Notes
  • Campaign (rewards drop from various NMs)
  • SCNM System (some rewards drop from Tiamat)
  • VNM System (some rewards drop from HNMs, some from Absolute Virtue)
  • Certain Merits:
    • Bard – Con Anima and Con Brio
    • Ranger – Flashy Shot and Stealthy Shot
    • Blue Mage – Convergence

Notable Issues

  • Creating more than 4 characters on a single account can prevent a player from logging into some of their created characters.
  • Changing Nation Allegiance can very likely break quest and mission progression.
  • The BCNM Area “The Ashu Talif” does not play well with pets.  As such, do not attempt any Aht Urghan Missions or quests (including Mission AU15 “The Black Coffin” or the Corsair AF Hat quest Against All Odds) in this zone as Beastmaster, Summoner, Puppetmaster, or Dragoon.
  • Players may occasionally find themselves stuck in a black screen in some mission cutscenes. 
    Common things to check:
    • Plugins like Enternity are activated. Deactivate any plugins or addons that allow for high FPS or skipping Cutscenes or rapidly tabbing through them.
    • FrameRateDivisor: in Windower, the Frame Rate Divisor can halt CSs. do the command
      //config FrameRateDivisor 2
      and see if that jogs your cutscenes.
    • Otherwise, ask for GM assistance.
  • Always speak to all NPCs/???s/etc until they stop giving expected messages for quests and missions.
  • Mog Safe, Mog Safe 2, and Storage work, and Storage is upgradeable through furnishings.  Furnishings should ONLY be used in Mog Safe 1.  Furnishings in Mog Safe 2 can and often do screw up Storage, causing items to disappear.  Please take extreme caution when upgrading Storage through Furnishings.
  • Some Notorious Monsters from the Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess expansions are either not coded or their drops are not coded.
  • Some Empty Notorious Monster battlefields are coded, and others are being worked on.
  • Royal Jelly (BCNM) is not coded yet.
  • Puppetmaster, while coded and working, does not have access to all of its attachments.  Some Automaton attachments are known to cause major server stability issues so they were removed until they work properly.


  • Occasionally, players will lose connection or client crash during some Chains of Promathia missions.  This most often happens during PM 6-4 One To Be Feared, 7-5 The Warrior’s Path, and during the final cutscene of the Chains of Promathia expansion.  Best solution in either case is to regroup and redo the mission until completion.
  • The same can occur in some later Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions.
  • Assault Missions are currently in progress as they come from our upstream code.  They are also in a “Your-Mileage-May-Vary” state like Limbus.  As of late 2021, Private Second Class missions are available but some of those are in a semi-workable state.  The appraisal system works.  Many assault items are available as rewards from various HNMs and events on the server.  Check the website for details!


  • Artifact Armor Quests mostly work with few exceptions:
    • Scholar Quest “Seeing Blood-Red” does not work as it has not been implemented upstream.  Visit “Scholarly Artifacts” in the home area to obtain a Scholar’s Mortarboard.
    • Puppetmaster Quests do not work beyond “Operation Teatime”.  Visit “Puppetmaster Artifacts” at the home area to obtain the rest of the pieces.
    • Blue Mage Quests “Beginnings” and “Omens” work but the rest do not.  Visit “Immortal Artifacts” at the home area to obtain the rest of the set.
  • The quest “A Boy’s Dream” (Paladin Artifact – Gallant Leggings) has a bug where NPC Ailbeche (Southern San d’Oria) will not accept a Giant Shell Bug if the player trading already has the item Odontotyrannus in his/her possession.  Simply drop the Odontotyrannus, then trade the Giant Shell Bug, and catch another Odontotyrannus in the same manner and the quest will proceed as normal.
  • The first limit break quest “In Defiant Challenge” works like it did in 2007 on Supernova.  This means that acquisition of the limit break items has to be from their respective mobs.  The ???s that exist in retail don’t exist here.