UPDATE NOTES – January 18 2023

Hello, Supernovans!

Today’s the January Client Update, and we have a new client version so please be sure to Update the Client.

Expected Version Number: 30221224_0



  • The need to wait for the first entrant to “zone in” is no longer necessary. All alliance players can enter Dynamis together, saving some time


  • A fix has been put in place to remedy Dynamis-Bastok and Dynamis-Windurst zones not dropping any hundred-tier currencies

Update Notes – December 30 2022

Happy Holidays, Supernova!

Get your umbrellas ready, because it’s a rainy, blue holiday season here at Supernova, but that doesn’t mean that it’s dreary at all! In fact, it means quite the opposite! We have a lot of cool changes in store for you, but first let’s get the technicals out of the way. This update will require a Client Update.

Expected client version: 30220427_2


Novah and the Supernova Team is proud to unveil the Enhanced and Automated Precipitation Make it Always Rain System!


  • No longer require a GM to activate “Make It Rain™” Dynamis currency splitting
  • Incentivize zone rotation to keep things interesting and to help new players get clears organically without requesting groups do a “sub-optimal” zone
  • Make killing the boss feel awesome again
  • The way we play in Dynamis shouldn’t change, coins will continue to split (as it was prior to this change)
  • The amount of coins we obtain shouldn’t decrease
  • Prevent abuse of lowmans getting coins easily with alts/bots/etc.
  • Add a way to get more than 12 coins as a goal for tryhards (you know who you are!)

How it works

  • Make it Rain will now automatically initiate at the start of any Dynamis.
  • As hundos “drop”, instead of paying out immediately, it will increase your coin count, to the maximum for that zone.
  • Upon killing the boss, any coins counted will be immediately paid out.
  • If the max count hadn’t been reached before the boss, coins will split and drop to everyone present as it was prior to this change until the cap is reached.
  • The number of coins a group can expect to get (the “Cap”) is no longer permanently set to 12.

How the Cap is calculated

  • Each zone starts with having a base cap of 6 coins at a minimum.
  • Based on the number of days since a zone has been cleared, additional coins are added to the base cap. With 10 unique dynamis zones available, the cap works as follows:

  • A bunch of math went into the numbers and curve of the bonus to reward groups that do manage to go consistently without punishing those that don’t too much
  • A new NPC will be added to the home zone to let players know how long ago a given zone has been cleared. How I hope this improves gameplay for everyone involved

Final thoughts

  1. No more waiting around for a GM
  2. Actual incentive to cycle zones and kill harder Mega Bosses like Dynamis Lord and Umbral Diabolos (including additional bonus coins for everyone for several days afterwards due to how the timing works out)
  3. Hype built around those super-weeks where people come back and do Dynamis for more rewards
  4. Doesn’t punish groups that aren’t able to go daily, if you miss a few days then you can pick from several high-bonus zones while the groove gets built back up
  5. Has a sort-of MOTM theme where the most fruitful zone will change and no given zone will ever be the only “meta” zone
  6. Back-end implementation allows for future ways to increase the bonus (motm style) based on other potential triggers. ( Enigma Completion = +10 coins????? )

TL;DR Coins are paid out by the Mega Boss, to a varying maximum based on how long since that boss was killed. Clearing all zones before any repeats yields 13 coins per run, skipping Dynamis-Tavnazia gives the current 12 coins per run. Tentative plans to add more bonus coins based on other content is now a possibility.

A Note from Novah

I will be paying close attention to the system as it plays out, especially if and when we get multiple Dynamis runs being cleared per day. (I’d probably switch it from “Number of Dynamis ago” as opposed to “Number of days ago”, but I think this implementation works best, as it incentivizes working together more.)

Also, please give a major thanks to Bope for doing 100% of the code on this, and dealing with my back-and-forth ideas on how to implement it.

Blue Mage Overhaul

  • Blue Magic has been recoded to more accurately reflect retail
  • Added Effects, Resistances and Effect Durations are now coded correctly
  • Breath spells are now conal and calculated based on HP
  • Damage is now influenced by Monster Correlation
  • All merits now work (except for Convergence)
  • Azure Lore now allows continuous chaining and bursting
  • Magic and Breath damage is boosted (These are custom values on SN)
  • A Blue Magic Lock has been implemented
    • When changing spells, you receive an Omerta status effect for one minute, preventing the use of Blue Magic

A huge shoutout goes to Supernova Developer Enedin who overhauled this job singlehandedly for LandSandBoat so that all LSB derivatives could benefit.

Homemade Cooking always tastes better

High-Quality results from cooking synthesis will no longer duplicate to the Auction House.

HQ results from cooking will go directly to the crafter and NQ results will instead duplicate to the Auction House

  • Incentivizes players to level Cooking themselves (it’s easier than it sounds!)
  • Disincentivizes players from camping the Auction House for duped HQ food and hoarding it


Update Notes – November 4 2022

Hello Supernova!

Welcome to the November Update! There will be a client update needed for this month, so please remember to update the Client.

Mob of the Month

This month’s Mobs of the Month are Trolls and Gnoles. Trolls can be found scattered throughout the Mount Zhayolm and Halvung areas of the Aradjiah Continent, and Gnoles can be found in and around what will be known as the Norvallen region during the Crystal War Era.

Major Changes/Bugfixes

  • Mobs will now only pivot when in melee range rather than move around, changing their x/y/z positions.
  • Quasilumins path correctly for Chains of Promathia Mission 8-2
  • Ru’Aun Gardens Homepoints 2 and 3 are now corrected.
  • Limbus
    • Adds spawned from Jidras will now randomly target players when they spawn.
    • Mystic Avatars will now use their appropriate Astral Flow abilities at low HP.
    • Biolazar and Thiazi are now immune to sleep and detect by sound.

Mob Changes

  • Aw’euvhis will now check as Notorious Monsters.
  • Locus Colibris in Bhaflau Thickets have been reverted to being Greater Colibri.

Crafting Changes

  • Dew Silk Cape is now a craftable/signable item.
    • Dew Silk Cape
    • Clothcraft 80, Goldsmithing 50
    • Yield: Dew Silk Cape
    • HQ 1: Dew Silk Cape +1
      • Earth Crystal
      • 1x Mist Silk Cape
      • 1x Prickly Pitriv’s Thread
      • 1x Bewitched Gold
  • Pennon Earring was also added
    • Pennon Earring
    • Goldsmithing 83, Clothcraft 54
    • Yield: Pennon Earring
    • HQ1: Pennon Earring +1
      • Earth Crystal
      • 1x Electrum Ingot
      • 2x Gnat Wing

Dynamis Changes



  • Antaeus’s base attack and base defense have been reduced.

October 2022 – Harvest Festival Returns

Hello Supernova! The Harvest Festival makes its return to the streets of Vana’diel, so if you missed out last year or have a new character to get some spooky gear on, here are the details!

The Harvest Festival works very similar to the 2005 Retail variation, complete with trading sweets to NPCs in exchange for spooky costumes, items, and a whole lot of fun!

Trick NPCs

Enjoy the Harvest Festival, it will be active for a while, get out there and grab your Treat Staves and Pitchforks, and have a wonderful harvest season!

Update Notes September 19, 2022

Hello Supernova! There is an update that requires a Client Update today!

  • Excalibur’s Additional Effect has been re-added. It will not show as an additional effect message, however.
  • Promyvion-Dem NM Satiator is now approachable (spawn points shifted, so there’s still only one spawn point but it’s on another island now).
  • Phantom Roll’s recast cut in half when hit on an 11 Roll.
  • Abyssea quest “A Journey Begins” should now unlock for all players and unlock access to Abyssea-Tahrongi on completion of the subsequent quest “The Truth Beckons”.
  • Access to Escha zones (Escha-Ru’Aun and Escha-Zi’Tah) has been revoked.

Update Notes – august 16 2022

New client version; please Update the Client before logging in.


  • Various ID Shifts have been corrected
  • Puppetmaster quest “The Wayward Automaton” Fixed a bug that would prevent a CS from triggering after a related NM kill
  • Weaponskills will now correctly update TP values to 0 when they are missed instead of showing the prior TP value until the next regular hit/miss
  • Ranged Weaponskills now remove sneak and invisible status
  • Levers in Oldton Movalpolos will now correctly raise the bridge to Newton Movalpolos


  • Summoner
    • Avatar’s Favor is now available and usable!
    • Avatar Blood Pacts will now use current Pet TP values appropriately.

Update notes: May 20, 2022

Hello Supernova! Today is Patch Day, and a Client Update will be necessary to login!

Expected client version (you can check this ingame with the /ver command) is 30220427_2

Let’s get to it!


As always, Missions and Quests continue to be shifted to the new Mission/Quest Framework built by the dev team at LandSandBoat and are too many to list in total, so keep on the lookout for any quirks or bugs you may encounter. Let us know in the Supernova Discord on the #ffxisupport channel.

  • KSNM99 Horns of War
    • Chlevnik will no longer spam Meteor during its Chainspell stages.
  • Relic Weapon Quests
    • A bug affecting Switchstix preventing characters from proceeding to their next stages has been fixed.


  • Pandemonium Warden
    • Rain Lilies have been removed from Pandemonium Warden’s drop list and replaced with the following items:
      • Khimaira Horn
      • Khimaira Mane
      • Cerberus Claw
      • Cerberus Hide
      • Hydra Scale
      • Hydra Fang


  • Shami, Port Jeuno
    • Logic re-added that allows Shami to tell you how many of a specific seal have been added, upon trading to him.


  • A bug affecting brown/gold treasure caskets, preventing players from opening them, has been fixed.

Update Notes – April 15, 2022

Thank you to all Supernovans who participated in this year’s April Fools Event! We hope you enjoyed the Rain Lilies, we’re sure you’re all incredibly tired of them (if you weren’t already).

We’ve returned to Selbina, one of our Summer Homes, so please take a minute to get reacquainted with where things are there by taking a look through our page on Home Areas. The map for Selbina, graciously created by Supernova GM Enedin, is below:

Other items: We have a continuing list of issues that persist, and in an effort to document and research solutions for them, Duriel is maintaining a list of those in the #ffxisupport channel on our Discord server.

As always, Supernova Staff thanks and appreciates your patience as we and the upstream developers work to resolve these issues as they arise.

Current known issues:

  • Various: Text IDs and ID Shifts abound, as they do when retail client is out of sync with the local client number.
    • The behavior and functionality of some NPC’s may occur, any issues involving NPC interactions being off in text or in actions will be off due to the shift. These issues are common and tend to be resolved much quicker than other issues.
  • Mission and Quest Related:
    The following BCNM’s can fail to proceed to the end of the fight when the end Cut Scene fires, may not load properly or miscellaneous issues involving mob behavior
    • Chains of Promathia – Mission 3-5: Darkness Named
    • Corsair AF Quest: Against All Odds
    • Divine Might
    • Treasures of Aht Urhgan – Mission 31
  • NPC-related
    • Switchstix – Dynamis Relic Upgrade Goblin, Castle Zvahl Baileys
      Switchstix currently locks up trying to give back upgraded relics, and will attempt to give them over and over again. GM Intervention is required to progress currently. Please contact any GM online or in Discord for assistance.
  • Other BCNM-related:
    • KSNM99 Horns of War
      Chlevnik currently will cast Meteor during Chainspell, effectively rendering it undefeatable.

Update Notes: April 1, 2022


Client ver. 30210904_1

Happy Spring, Supernova!

Today’s update yields some strange and exciting new things. Please note, you will need to Update your Client before launching today.


  • Supernova’s Home District has changed! Who knows how long we’ll be in our new spot?
  • After years in the testing stage and through overwhelming positive reception, our rain lily system for missed drops has been transferred to all mobs!
    • Anytime a drop fails on any mob in Vana’diel, you will instead receive a rain lily.


  • Paladin
    • Iron Will has been modified to properly affect Rampart, rather than Magic Shield.

Missions and quests

  • Many mission and quest fixes