Update Notes – July 23 2021

This update cost us an arm and a leg (and a body, and a foot, and a head)

Hello Adventurers! It’s update time on Supernova, so here are some abbreviated patch notes highlighting the notable changes for you.

Please be advised you will need to Update the Client with this update. Our new client version is 30210706_0.

Missions and quests

More quests and missions are being converted to the new upstream code quest and mission system, and there are too many to list below so as always, if you run into issues, please report those in the #ffxisupport channel on our Discord.

One notable quest that is being added is one that players have been clamoring for for years!

It’s Raining Mannequins! has finally come to Supernova!


Pandemonium Warden droprates have been adjusted. How much? We’re not telling.


NPC Sanraku will no longer destroy additional ZNM trophies traded to him because he simply won’t accept more than one now.

July 2021 – Changes to Soul Plates and Obtaining Them

Hello, Supernovans!

Many of you are aware that basically as long as Supernova has been around, the process of obtaining Zeni for ZNMs has been to kill certain mobs – usually, Greater Colibri in Bhaflau Thickets (though, sometimes Clionids and Limules in Abyssea) – and pre-filled soul plates would drop off those mobs.

We have great news in store for you! In a recent update, Soultrappers and Blank Soul Plates are now working properly and all players can now obtain Zeni in the same tried-and-true methods used on retail for over a decade.

All soul plates were removed as drops from mobs as a result, so if you want to build that Pandemonium Warden pop, make sure to grab a Soultrapper (or a High-Speed Soultrapper!), some blank plates, and get to shooting those mobs!

All information about Soultrappers and their use can be found on the FFXIclopedia Wiki or the BlueGartr Wiki.

Happy Adventuring!

New Commands for Discord!

Hello, Supernovans!

We’re proud to announce that we now have some custom commands via the Supernova Bot on the Discord Channel to give some more utility for users.

The commands currently are:

/website – displays the Supernova website’s address publicly
/news – sends a link to the Supernova Blog
/update – links to the Update the Client page
/wiki – searches the FFXIclopedia, FFXI Auction House, and BGwiki pages for a search term.

Explanation for the Wiki command

The /wiki command might be the most expansive command we currently possess. It searches the wiki pages from FFXIclopedia, FFXI Auction House, and BlueGartr Wiki pages and displays links to those in the chat window. The results only display for the user who initiated the search, so there’s no risk of channel spam via this command!

How to use the /wiki command:

1) Simply type /wiki and then a search term. Multiple word search terms will work.

2) The results will display in the same chat window, but with a message denoting that “only you can see this message”.

Please keep an eye out for more commands as they come, and feel free to make suggestions for any helpful commands!

Treasure Casket Rewards Update

Hello Adventurers!

As part of our latest update, some changes were made to Treasure Casket Rewards – specifically, for those rewards coming from Locked Treasure Caskets.

Below is a list of the new items by zone, and the items they replaced. Enjoy!

  • The Boyahda Tree
    • Ebullient Ring (formerly Dragonkin Earring)
    • Setanta’s Ledelsens (formerly Toolbag (Moku))
    • Kshama Ring No.2 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • Upper Delkfutts Tower
    • Raise Rod (formerly Potestas Bomblet)
  • Den Of Rancor
    • Garrulous Ring (formerly Rancorous Mantle)
  • Ranguemont Pass
    • Bushido Cape (formerly Grapevine Cape)
    • Kshama Ring No.3 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • Bostaunieux Oubliette
    • Storm Tulwar (formerly Melaco Mittens)
    • Axe Grip (formerly Fsn. Bolt Quiver)
  • Toraimarai Canal
    • Bullseye Cape (formerly Bond Cape)
    • Katana Strap (formerly Fsn. Bolt Quiver)
  • Zeruhn Mines
    • Spectral Belt (formerly Prouesse Ring)
    • Imperial Gun (formerly Antlion Quiver)
  • Korroloka Tunnel
    • Stoic Earring (formerly Brachyura Earring)
  • Kuftal Tunnel
    • Storm Fife (formerly Wizzan Grip)
    • Khanjar (formerly D.A. Bolt Quiver)
  • Sea Serpent Grotto
    • Unfettered Ring (formerly Mana Ampulla)
    • Imperial Kaman (formerly Antlion Quiver)
  • The Shrine Of Ru’Avitau
    • Insomnia Earring (formerly Terminus Earring)
    • Kshama Ring No.4 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • King Ranperre’s Tomb
    • Enlightened Chain (formerly Chocobo Torque)
    • Imperial Neza (formerly Antlion Quiver)
  • Dangruf Wadi
    • Resolute Belt (formerly Field Rope)
  • Inner Horutoto Ruins
    • Doombringer (formerly Numen Staff)
    • Imperial Pole (formerly Antlion Quiver)
  • Ordelles Caves
    • Hurling Belt (formerly Chocobo Rope)
  • Outer Horutoto Ruins
    • Fortified Chain (formerly Fisher’s Torque)
    • Imperial Bhuj (formerly Antlion Quiver)
  • The Eldieme Necropolis
    • Unyielding Ring (formerly Ossa Grip)
    • Kshama Ring No.5 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • Gusgen Mines
    • Tempered Chain (formerly Field Torque)
  • Crawlers’ Nest
    • Hale Ring (formerly Cocoon Band)
    • Kshama Ring No.6 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • Maze Of Shakhrami
    • Storm Zaghnal (formerly Fisher’s Rope)
  • Garlaige Citadel
    • Hotarumaru (formerly Metasoma Katar)
    • Kshama Ring No.8 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • Fei’Yin
    • Sayosamonji (formerly Dagda’s Shield)
    • Staff Strap (formerly Fsn. Bolt Quiver)
    • Storm Tabar (formerly Gob. Bug Broth)
  • Gustav Tunnel
    • Vision Earring (formerly Liminus Earring)
    • Kshama Ring No.9 (formerly C. Grass. Broth)
  • Labyrinth Of Onzozo
    • Papilio Kirpan (formerly Furtive Grip)

Supernova Egg Hunt Egg-Stravaganza 2021!

Hello Supernovans, and Happy Spring!

You may have noticed that a few changes happened today; and that a new NPC has appeared in Selbina, our new home for the moment.

The little Moogle in the Sheep pen in Selbina is our Egg Vendor! It is integral to the Egg Hunt Event for this year, so below follows a small How-To for using the Moogle and finding more eggs!

Obtaining Eggs

  • Speak to the Moogle in Selbina at (I-9) in the Sheep pen, and it will give you a Perfect Lucky Egg and a set of 3 Random Lettered Eggs with a [2021] stamp on them. You may Bazaar the eggs, but DO NOT TRADE THE EGGS! Trading the eggs will remove the signature from them and render them useless!
  • Speak to the Moogle after 24 hours (Real Life time) have passed and you will receive another set of 3 random eggs.
  • Players can obtain up to four additional eggs every Vana’diel Day by performing HELM operations:
    (Note: Players may not receive their egg on the first try; keep trying, but only one egg per Vana’diel Day per operation may be obtained in this manner!)
    • Harvesting – 1 egg
    • Excavation – 1 egg
    • Logging – 1 egg
    • Mining – 1 egg


  • Lettered Eggs may be transferred into Stamped Letters on the Perfect Lucky Egg by trading the Perfect Lucky Egg and a lettered egg to the Moogle; this will stamp the letter on the Perfect Lucky Egg.
    • Trading multiple letters does not work, each letter must be traded by itself – the Perfect Lucky Egg in slot 1, lettered egg in slot 2.
    • Trading letters in this way allows players to obtain a Perfect Lucky Egg with a word inscribed on it.
    • If you screw up or want to start a new egg, the only method is to drop the Perfect Lucky Egg. There is no way to erase letters off a Perfect Lucky Egg once it’s begun.
Trading the Perfect Lucky Egg and the letters I, C, and E in succession will sign the egg “ICE”. What will happen when this is traded back to the Moogle?


Spelling different words or combinations of letters out will yield various rewards from the Moogle!

For some hints for standard items, check out the FFXI Wiki Guide for Egg-Stravaganzas of years gone by!


  • The National Eggs are not obtained by spelling out Region Names. Think less about the Regions and more about…who those eggs belong to!
    • WINDU – Flower Egg (first trade), Hatchling Egg (second trade)
    • BASTO – Lamp Egg (first trade), Clockwork Egg (second trade)
    • SANDO – Wing Egg (first trade), Melodious Egg (second trade)
    • JEUNO – Jeweled Egg
  • To obtain the item for your HEAD, you need to spell your entire CHARACTER NAME.
  • To obtain an extra-special item, spell out either SUPERNOVA, HYPNOSHEEP, or SHEEPLOVE.
  • Do not trade eggs or place them in bags as this risks stripping the [2021] signature off of them and will render them unusable for the event!

March/April 2021 Update Notes

Hello, Supernovans!

We’ve got a slew of neat things for you as we move right on into Spring, and early summer is just around the corner!

No Client Update will be required for this update.

8th Anniversary and April Fools’ Events

This coming week, we have some fun events lined up for the 8th Anniversary of the Supernova server and April Fools’ Day. An egg-themed special holiday event, a Mob of the Moment mob family with increased experience/merit yield, and maybe even a prank for April Fools; the event list as planned can be found here.

Quality of Life/Supernova Specific

  • The Supernova Home Area has shifted to Selbina!
  • In the spirit of April Fools’, everyone’s races have been shifted!
  • Alyss’s Cooking Tonberry has caught wind that Adventurers can now garden within their Mog Houses and as such, has decided to terminate his contract with kitron suppliers. This means that kitrons will no longer be available at the Chocobo Circuit but fear not! We hear that yields on kitrons obtained from gardening are bountiful, and that the Auction Houses have taken up the surplus of those yields in a big way.
  • Rewards from the Lottery NPC in the Chocobo Circuit have changed! With the advent of Treasure Caskets appearing all over Vana’diel, items that are obtained from caskets will not be available at the Lottery NPC any longer. There are, however, many new and wonderful things to obtain, including some items that haven’t been obtainable for some time!
  • Rewards from brown and gold Treasure Caskets that appear randomly on mob kills have been redone as well, removing any items that are not usable by level 75 characters. There are a LOT of items out there to get, including many formerly unobtainable items – find them all!
  • Most all weapon and armor synthesis recipes have been restored. There are still some furnishing items that are not craftable at this time.

SpellS and AbilitIES

  • Gravity and Bind have been retooled and are less broken than they were.
  • The Job Ability Contradance now displays its proper animation.

Mob Related

  • Wamouracampa have been fixed so that the Blue Mage spell Cannonball can now be learned.
  • Gargouille family has been fixed so the Blue Mage spell Triumphant Roar can be learned.
    • Gargouille mobs will also fly now.
  • Jailer of Hope has been fixed and will dive at appropriate times.


  • Weapons with an Additional Effect of HP Drain now work.
    • Affected weapons:
      • Bloody Blade/Carnage Blade
      • Bloody Lance/Carnage Lance
      • Bloody Sword/Carnage Sword
      • Bloody Rapier/Carnage Rapier
      • Blood sword
  • Hofud has now been coded with its additional effect of HP or MP Drain.
  • Grauberg Lettuce is now obtainable from Wandering Saplings in Grauberg (S).

Supernova’s 8th Anniversary and Spring Spectacular

Upcoming Server Events!

Hello Adventurers! April Fools’ Day is upon us, as is the 8th anniversary of the Supernova Server! We have some events planned for the weekend of April Fools’ so be sure to grab some friends and come by and see what’s happening!

April Fool’s Day

Thursday, April 1 @ ALL DAY – OPEN

What kinds of shenanigans will the Developer Team pull on us this year? Log in on Thursday to find out!

Supernova Anniversary Egg-Stravaganza

Beginning: Thursday, April 1 2021
Ending: ???

Join us to celebrate our 8th anniversary (bring a friend!) Participate in this event and earn a special reward! Keep an eye on the event board for other group events.

Egg-stra Special Mob of the Moment

Beginning April 3

We think you’re egg-stra special, so get out the jobs you have procrastinated leveling or prestiging and enjoy some enhanced EXP gains with this Egg-stra Special MotM event!

Find us on the Supernova Discord Server in the #event-board channel!

Update Notes – March 14, 2021

Happy Spring, Supernovans! There’s a small feature update for March, including some fixes for some very high priority issues we’ve experienced recently.

***A client update is not required for this update***



Fixed ??? on Mega Boss death.

Zantetsuken Quest

Fixed unreachable Zan points in Dynamis areas.


  • Fixed aggressive mobs detecting players through and walking through walls (Zdei, Tauri, etc).
  • Euvhi will now take 2x damage when their petals are open, matching retail behavior.
  • Euvhi will also automatically close their petals upon receiving critical damage.


  • Shuriken pouches are now usable items.
  • Items obtained from gardening will now dupe to the Auction House at 1:8
  • Egg Sandwich/+1 now have scripts and apply their proper effects.



Remaining Blood Pact: Rage abilities have been rebalanced.


Third Eye no longer stacks with Utsusemi or Blink.


Strafe has been updated to align with retail properties.

  • No longer a Merit ability, but a natural Job Trait.
  • Strafe Effect now increases MACC on Wyvern Breaths.


Supernova Bot got a little extended functionality today in the form of new commands. Anyone on the Supernova Discord can use these commands, simply by issuing them in the text bar.

  • !website – displays a link to the Supernova Website, our compendium of information on the web.
  • !news – links to the SN Blog on the site – home of patch notes!
  • !rules – links to the server rules page. Find someone who has a question? Link ’em here.

Changes to Make it Rain for Dynamis

Hello Supernovans!

A quick message regarding our Dynamis coin duplicator, Make it Rain:

We have a plan to simplify Make it Rain in the early portion of every Dynamis zone in a future update. In the meantime, to make Dreamland Dynamis more accessible and enticing, we’re going to allow GMs to enable MIR at the start of those runs similar to how City and Northland Dynamis currently work.

As we plan to update the system for the future, we are working on a way to no longer require GM intervention, as well as encourage alternating zones with potentially even more rewards. There will always be a “most optimized” zone, but we are looking at ways to prevent it from getting repetitive and boring.

If you have any questions about this, please hit up any of the GM staff ingame or in the #ffxisupport channel on Discord!