Update Notes – august 16 2022

New client version; please Update the Client before logging in.


  • Various ID Shifts have been corrected
  • Puppetmaster quest “The Wayward Automaton” Fixed a bug that would prevent a CS from triggering after a related NM kill
  • Weaponskills will now correctly update TP values to 0 when they are missed instead of showing the prior TP value until the next regular hit/miss
  • Ranged Weaponskills now remove sneak and invisible status
  • Levers in Oldton Movalpolos will now correctly raise the bridge to Newton Movalpolos


  • Summoner
    • Avatar’s Favor is now available and usable!
    • Avatar Blood Pacts will now use current Pet TP values appropriately.

Update notes: May 20, 2022

Hello Supernova! Today is Patch Day, and a Client Update will be necessary to login!

Expected client version (you can check this ingame with the /ver command) is 30220427_2

Let’s get to it!


As always, Missions and Quests continue to be shifted to the new Mission/Quest Framework built by the dev team at LandSandBoat and are too many to list in total, so keep on the lookout for any quirks or bugs you may encounter. Let us know in the Supernova Discord on the #ffxisupport channel.

  • KSNM99 Horns of War
    • Chlevnik will no longer spam Meteor during its Chainspell stages.
  • Relic Weapon Quests
    • A bug affecting Switchstix preventing characters from proceeding to their next stages has been fixed.


  • Pandemonium Warden
    • Rain Lilies have been removed from Pandemonium Warden’s drop list and replaced with the following items:
      • Khimaira Horn
      • Khimaira Mane
      • Cerberus Claw
      • Cerberus Hide
      • Hydra Scale
      • Hydra Fang


  • Shami, Port Jeuno
    • Logic re-added that allows Shami to tell you how many of a specific seal have been added, upon trading to him.


  • A bug affecting brown/gold treasure caskets, preventing players from opening them, has been fixed.

Update Notes – April 15, 2022

Thank you to all Supernovans who participated in this year’s April Fools Event! We hope you enjoyed the Rain Lilies, we’re sure you’re all incredibly tired of them (if you weren’t already).

We’ve returned to Selbina, one of our Summer Homes, so please take a minute to get reacquainted with where things are there by taking a look through our page on Home Areas. The map for Selbina, graciously created by Supernova GM Enedin, is below:

Other items: We have a continuing list of issues that persist, and in an effort to document and research solutions for them, Duriel is maintaining a list of those in the #ffxisupport channel on our Discord server.

As always, Supernova Staff thanks and appreciates your patience as we and the upstream developers work to resolve these issues as they arise.

Current known issues:

  • Various: Text IDs and ID Shifts abound, as they do when retail client is out of sync with the local client number.
    • The behavior and functionality of some NPC’s may occur, any issues involving NPC interactions being off in text or in actions will be off due to the shift. These issues are common and tend to be resolved much quicker than other issues.
  • Mission and Quest Related:
    The following BCNM’s can fail to proceed to the end of the fight when the end Cut Scene fires, may not load properly or miscellaneous issues involving mob behavior
    • Chains of Promathia – Mission 3-5: Darkness Named
    • Corsair AF Quest: Against All Odds
    • Divine Might
    • Treasures of Aht Urhgan – Mission 31
  • NPC-related
    • Switchstix – Dynamis Relic Upgrade Goblin, Castle Zvahl Baileys
      Switchstix currently locks up trying to give back upgraded relics, and will attempt to give them over and over again. GM Intervention is required to progress currently. Please contact any GM online or in Discord for assistance.
  • Other BCNM-related:
    • KSNM99 Horns of War
      Chlevnik currently will cast Meteor during Chainspell, effectively rendering it undefeatable.

Update Notes: April 1, 2022


Client ver. 30210904_1

Happy Spring, Supernova!

Today’s update yields some strange and exciting new things. Please note, you will need to Update your Client before launching today.


  • Supernova’s Home District has changed! Who knows how long we’ll be in our new spot?
  • After years in the testing stage and through overwhelming positive reception, our rain lily system for missed drops has been transferred to all mobs!
    • Anytime a drop fails on any mob in Vana’diel, you will instead receive a rain lily.


  • Paladin
    • Iron Will has been modified to properly affect Rampart, rather than Magic Shield.

Missions and quests

  • Many mission and quest fixes

Update Notes February 18, 2022

More Storage? CAN IT BE?


Please note: if you previously disabled your Windower from updating you may now remove that block if you wish.

Hello Supernova!

There are no traditional patch notes for today’s update. Please note you will need to Update your Client, but there is a major change for Supernova users; the addition of Mog Wardrobes 5-8!

Mog Wardrobe Retrieval

Access to Mog Wardrobes 5-8 is simple. Just link your Supernova account to Discord and add an email address (we will not send you emails, email addresses ONLY facilitate account recovery) and *Presto-westo!* you will have 4 shiny new Mog Wardrobes!

  • Linking a Supernova account to Discord grants access to Mog Wardrobes 5 and 6
  • Adding an email address to the linked account grants access to Wardrobes 7 and 8

Existing players who have already linked accounts and/or email addresses will not automatically have access to the mog wardrobes. Those players will need to send Supernova Bot a message with the command !reward to activate the wardrobes. It’s that easy!


Hello Supernova!

There’s a giant retail client update incoming today that will change how inventories are handled, and updating to the most up-to-date retail client can mess with private server functionality. As well, updating Windower or Ashita can too. As such, do NOT update your client at all until instructed to do so by Supernova staff, if you want to not have issues with playing here.

Steps below are provided to prevent updates for Windower and Ashita, and these have been graciously provided by Supernova players Sassi, Monka, and Souvlaki.

Please click the Jump Link below to find steps for your appropriate connection method.


This will assume use of the built-in firewall software with Windows. If you have a different firewall application or are playing on a different OS, you will need to perform equivalent steps accordingly.

  • Open Windows Defender and select Advanced Settings
  • Select Outbound Rules on the left panel and New Rule on the right-hand side
  • Select Program and click Next
  • Browse to your Windower installation directory, select windower.exe and click Next when finished
  • Select Block the connection and click Next.
  • Apply the rule universally (to Domain, Public, and Private networks) and click Next
  • Name the rule something logical, like Block Windower Updates and click Finish

You should now see Block Windower Updates at the top of the list of rules in Windows Defender Firewall. You can close the firewall app and Windower will not update now until you disable the rule.


  • On the desktop, create a text file, and name it “Block Ashita Updates.txt”

Open the file in your preferred text editor and copy the text below into the file:

CD /D "C:\[Your Ashita Installation Directory]"
start Ashita.exe --noupdate


example: I have it installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ashita V3 so I have replaced it accordingly.

Save the file to the desktop as a batch file.

Close the text editor and run Block Ashita Updates.bat from the desktop. Ashita should now load without updating.

We’re hoping these measures will be temporary as the LSB staff works to bring us all up to snuff with the new retail client and can ensure compatibility. If you run into any issues with these steps, please reach out at the #ffxisupport channel on our Discord server.

Thank you
Supernova Staff

Update Notes – January 22, 2022

Hello, Supernovans and welcome to 2022! Did you know that this year we will celebrate our 9th year in operation? All of the success we’ve had over the years wouldn’t be possible without you, our players, so we want to mark the start of this year with a great update!

This year’s first update is quite a doozy, so make sure to update your clients, sit back, and peruse all the notes for today’s update!



  • Fix implemented for Mission 4-1 for (Windurst/Sandy/Bastok).
  • WoTG Missions 10-17 were added.


  • Fixed an issue where Minne spells were giving Regen.
  • Many many ID shift fixes
  • Implement proper logic for Sky Gods teleporters
    • Yellow teleporters to islands will now disable when a sky god is spawned on the respective island.
  • Treant Mobskills Leafstorm & Entangle work properly according to the NM’s that use them.


  • Ranger now has an A+ skill in Marksmanship and Archery.


  • Cait Sith Subligar and Pretty Pink Subligar have been added.
  • Models for Tier II Aern Weapons have been corrected.
  • Hellfire and +1 synthesis recipes have been added.
  • Omelette Sandwich and +1 synthesis added, and those items have been made usable.


Vrtra’s treasure pool has gotten a major overhaul!

Nothing else has changed with Vrtra, but we felt such a difficult fight should reward players with even more possible goodness. There are some new items in here, including some items that are very useful as cosmetics for Lockstyles – Aern Weapons!


  • Added a GM command to change chocobo colours and to remove current chocobo status and reload the new Chocobo style.

    – this is currently in testing and may be released for all users at a later date –
    • USAGE
    • command: !chocobo <color> <head> <tail> <feet>
    • Plain chocobo: !chocobo
    • Plain chocobo with enlarged tail: !chocobo yellow tail
    • Green chocobo with enlarged beak: !chocobo green head
    • Black chocobo with all look changes: !chocobo black head feet tail

Update Notes December 23, 2021

Please note: A client update is needed for this update. Instructions on how to update your client for Supernova can be found here.

Expected Client Version: 30211204_0

Hello Supernovans! We had a quick update this week, and here are the larger changes affecting users here:


  • Text ID shift fixes (though another round of shifts came basically the following day?)
  • Spell Damage calculations updated
    • Spells that do damage are now updated with proper elemental resistances and weaknesses.

Missions and Quests

Again, missions and quests are all undergoing a rewrite upstream, so missions and quests will likely have varying issues. Please continue to use the #reportissue tag in the #ffxisupport channel on Supernova discord after exhausting methods of research (i.e. looking at the wiki for mission/quest order of precedence).

  • Various fixes in all three versions of the Magicite Missions
  • COP 6-4 now advances properly

Mob changes

  • Rafflesias now use Seedspray, which is also now learnable by Blue Mages
  • Wamouracampas now change stance properly, meaning Blue Mages should be able to learn Cannonball again.
    • Wamouracampas also now have the correct Defensive or Magic Defensive properties associated with their stances.
  • Marids now actually drop Marid Hair.

Job Ability Changes

  • Benediction now removes Petrification and has a chance to remove Doomed status.


  • Shaper’s Shawl now has its correct attributes – DEF 1 and Synthesis skillup rate +25%
  • Prism Powders, Silent Oils, Rainbow Powders, and Deodorizers are currently set at a 10 minute timer, but this will be reverted to previous values very soon.

Update Notes – November 27 2021

Happy Holidays, Supernova!


Update Instructions can be found here.

The Starlight Celebration returns to Supernova for 2021. The celebration works the same as it always has, so go forth and obtain all that cool Dream gear and the furnishings!

other update items

missions and quests

  • Many Windurst Rank Missions and Quests have been converted to the new quests and missions system.


  • Runic Portal operability has been fixed.
  • Spikes effects should no longer process for offhand weapons, and should only process when a shield with a Spikes Effect is in play.
  • Lockpicking mechanisms have been reworked but should not affect success rates of lockpicks, thief’s tools, skeleton keys, or living keys.

Coming soon: *new MOTMs for December next week!*

As always, please note issues in the #ffxisupport Supernova Discord chat with the #reportissue tag.