Get Started

If you have stumbled upon our little slice of heaven, you are probably wondering how you can join us in game.  Here are the manual setup instructions, which will guide you through the process of installing and setting up the game.

  • The Level Cap is 75, we like it old school! We have no intent of ever raising it.
  • All players on Supernova will start from scratch on an even playing field. We do not have access to your retail character.
  • Exp rates have been boosted to more than double (2x+) that of retail servers. We have additional ways to play with bonus experience rates as well, such as fighting certain monster families that rotate or using in game items like experience bands.
  • Movement speed has been enhanced to 150% (1.5x) the normal rate.
  • Crafting Skillup rates have been enhanced to 400% (4x) the normal rate.
  • Reputation/Fame rate has been enhanced to 400% (4x) the normal rate.
  • Everyone starts with 1 Million gil, which is essentially infinite here.
  • Everything on the Auction house is sold for 2 gil.
  • The Auction house is permanently stocked by a drop duplication mechanism.  When a player kills a monster and an item drops, the player receives the item in his inventory and additional copies of the item are automatically listed to the auction house for 2gil. Depending on the method items are obtained, vast quantities might be listed just as a result of one single drop! Also added are duplication mechanisms for crafted items and BCNM spoils, with a few exceptions.
  • We support expansions up to Wings of the Goddess with new content being added and fixed constantly thanks to the DarkStar Project.
  • Additional Supernova specific server quests, vendors, events, and monsters have been added as well. Suggestions to community leaders about ideas for new quests or events are encouraged and considered. Please feel free to contribute ideas!
  • Geomancer and Rune Fencer are not implemented here, we may consider adding the jobs if the Private Server Community & DarkStar Project gets the jobs working.
  • Many side activities are not implemented yet, but some are being actively worked on. They will be added when they are available to us. Examples include: Chocobo Racing / Raising, Pankration, Nyzul Isle, Salvage, Einherjar, Assault, Besieged, Campaign.
  • We have Supernova-flavored instances of Abyssea and Garrison, and we are enhancing and working on them over time.
  • We also have additional ways to obtain endgame gear for content that is not yet released. You might just meet the great Odin himself after going on specific quests!
  • Supernova has several BCNM Orb Battles coded with a custom mechanic to access the battles not listed in DSP code.
  • We have functioning Jailer of Love and Absolute Virtue fights, toned to the difficulty (but not fight duration) of retail. They give even seasoned players a run for their money, and pose a constant challenge.
  • Novah keeps this server available to you for free 24/7 out of the goodness of his heart, and he and the GM staff work long hours in addition to their own lives on a volunteer basis to keep things running.  Please keep that in mind when making requests and keep your criticism constructive and within that context!
  • For things that aren’t working, check the Known Issues page, and feel free to report any unlisted issue using the link above.
  • We are migrating a lot of information from our wiki page, and refining/updating things as we are able.  While revisions are being made to this information, please remember that if we all follow rule #1, “Don’t be a dick”, we will all have an enjoyable time playing together on Supernova!