Server Rules

Key server tenets and philosophy: 

  • Be kind, fair, and just to your fellow players, bring something to the table for the community.


  • Be a good sport, if you don’t get an item, there will be plenty more where that came from.


  • Understand that people come from all walks of life, and might play differently than you. Educate, don’t criticize; Help, don’t hinder.


  • Realize that the Admin staff and GM team do this for free in their spare time. Help us keep things running smoothly.


  • Play so that way others will have fun. They will do the same for you.


  • Please exercise restraint and common sense when speaking to fellow players. Final Fantasy XI is a massively multiplayer online game. You may not always get along with or even like some of your fellow players, but always remember that you exist in the same space as they do.


  • Supernova is similar to a retirement home. It’s by design a more relaxed environment than retail. Hardcore players have a place here, but please recognize that others may not play with the rigidity of retail servers.



Prohibited activities

If you are caught doing any of these things, harsh action may be taken up to and including REMOVAL FROM ALLIANCES, Homepointing, jail time or character deletion
  • The use of third party tools are prohibited that allow any of the following actions: Wallhacking, Position Hacking, Speedhacking, Impersonating a GM, teleport hacking. This includes Novo, Cupper/Clipper, and any others with these capabilities.
  • Ashita or Windower Plugins that break in-game mechanics such as Nomad, AHGo, No-ckback; or those that allow for bypassing ingame door-lock or chest-lock mechanics such as Gateway or Skeletonkey.
  • In game griefing or personal Attacks on other players
  • Abuse exploits you may find, including but not limited to, broken monsters spewing exp or currencies at extremely abnormal rates.
  • Obtaining experience by nefarious means, including exploits, botting, powerleveling, etc.
  • Leeching anything of any kind, including currencies, gear, experience points, etc. If you’re found to be a leecher or frequent AFKer consider that you may not be invited for parties and the like.
  • Powerleveling of any kind
  • Botting any skillups involving any entity except yourself. (i.e. botting the casting of spells on yourself is fair game).
  • Harassment or being generally horrible to other people. Understand that everyone has their own problems, issues, and personal struggles before speaking.
  • Creating or participating in any linkshell other than Supernova is strictly prohibited.
  • Excluding anyone from any activity when there’s room in the group, provided it doesn’t conflict with another rule. That is to say, no low manning events unless there’s an explicit lack of interest from other players. All endgame events are to be publicly announced beforehand, providing a reasonable amount of time beforehand for others to join.
  • Abusing terrain (mob pathing) to gain an unfair advantage. You cannot stand on terrain to avoid attack from mobs because they cannot reach you.

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Discouraged activities

  • Trying new or offbeat job combinations is welcomed and encouraged, but the difficulty of some endgame content often requires group job optimization. The best thing you can do is be a team player – sometimes you have to take one for the team to succeed.
  • Buying out or overbuying things from the Auction House and hoarding them. Yes, it’s cheap, but auctioned things are not unlimited, especially high-end foods. These are replenished by players who spend time crafting them.
  • Unequipping your linkpearl
  • Using the /anon command (Anonymous Status)
  • Botting defensive skillups in populated areas (Keep our chatlogs clear!)

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Lotting Rules

General Rules

  • Each player may pick one desired item from the drops, and lot that item, following these qualifications:
    • When applicable, other players may not lot on the Popper’s chosen item (see force-spawned NMs, below)
    • Players lotting must be able to to equip the chosen item on one of their jobs. They must have helped kill the mob; or been at the fight location on time with a level-appropriate character.
    • Players must not have AFKed for long durations during the fight. Short, reasonable AFKs are understandable.
    • Reasonable levels of participation is expected, idling or intentional poor play does not qualify.
  • If multiple copies of a desired item drop, lot each instance of that item. If you are winning two of the lots, you must pass the pass the one with the lower of your rolls, before the timer runs out.  Be aware of the treasure pool in this case to prevent items from being lost.
    • example: 3 Askar Korazin drop from Jormungand, and you can equip it, so you pick it as your item. You lot all three copies in the treasure pool.
    • Other players lot, and you are winning two of the Askar Korazins with rolls of 950 and 700. You should pass the one with the roll of 700, so the item isn’t lost.
  • If you are using an alternate character, you may only lot items that go freelot. Please read the rules regarding Alternate characters and Multibox characters.
  • You should choose and lot your desired item reasonably quickly, so that there is time to determine which items are leftovers.
  • You should promptly pass any items other players have lotted on after they have lotted their desired item.
  • After everyone has lotted their desired items, any leftovers may be lotted by players who can equip them. If those players do not want the item, it goes freelot.
Please take responsibility for knowing or asking what drops from NMs before a fight begins so we can make loot selections in a timely manner and avoid GM intervention.

Forced-Spawn Notorious Monsters

  • A Player who provides all items required to force an NM spawn (hereafter known as “Popper”) may select one item in the fallen monster’s treasure pool for themselves to lot regardless of ability to equip.
  • If the Popper does not want to lot a chosen item, they may allow one other non-alt participating player to choose an item to lot uncontested.
  • Other players may not lot the Popper’s chosen item.
  • All other general lotting rules apply as normal.

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ZNM, Sky gods, and Sea NM Considerations

ZNMs and Sky gods drop a trophy item which is used to spawn the next tier mob. This item (one of them, in the event that two drop from a Sky god) automatically goes to the Popper if they want it, and it does not count as a lotted item. Trophy items for Sea NMs do not follow this rule; if a player wants a trophy from a Sea NM, it counts as a selected item.

  • example 1: Player A spawns Byakko and fights with a group of fellow players. Byakko drops 2 Seals of Byakko and various other drops; Player A has the option of taking a Seal of Byakko and one of Byakko’s other drops from the treasure pool.
  • example 2: Player A spawns Jailer of Fortitude and fights with a group of fellow players.  JoF drops Second Virtue and Fortitude Torque.  Player A must choose between the Virtue and the Torque, and cannot obtain both.

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Jailer of Love and Absolute Virtue

These two fights are a special exception to the normal lotting rules as they are a pair mob with separate treasure pools.

  • The Popper can pick an item from Jailer of Love’s treasure or from Absolute Virtue’s. In this case, if the Popper lots on and wins an item from JoL, they do not get to lot again on Absolute Virtue items.
  • All other players may lot on items from JoL’s loot pool upon its death, and players not winning any items from that loot pool may then also in turn lot on items from Absolute Virtue’s loot pool.  If a player wins an item from Jailer of Love, they may not lot on any item from Absolute Virtue.

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Level Sync

  • All exp parties should have its members within a 5 level range. This is to prevent people from leeching without providing meaningful contribution to the group. If you’d like to party with people of a wider level range, you may level sync such that all players are within the 5 level range. For example, if you and a friend are both level 68 and you’d like to play with another player that’s level 50, you may sync down to level 50.

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  • AF Drops go to people who have the job or plan to have the job soon. Most of these items drop ridiculously often, so making this distinction is almost pointless.
  • Currency is inserted directly into each players pockets. If no GM is available to make it rain, then currency is to be collected and split evenly.
  • Necropsyche, Attestations, Divine Goads: Priority to those on the highest stage of completion of relic.
  • Dynamis timers reset at 10:00 AM EST.
  • Single players may be reset at a GMs discretion if the player was auto-homepointed or disconnected only if the run is still going.
  • An interrupted Dynamis Run may be fully reset at a GMs discretion only if it’s within the first 30 minutes of a run, and currently more than 3 hours until reset.
  • Make it Rain will be activated in dynamis runs that are appropriately advertised at the discretion of a GM.
  • Players are expected to understand that Dynamis is often heavily affected by server bugs and other various crashes. With that in mind, this is why we have configured dynamis to let us run it significantly more often than on retail. It won’t always work perfectly, and the best attitude to have during a dynamis that is interrupted, is to come back and try again another day rather than to expect GM intervention to fix every run that breaks.

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  • Fixes have been in place for a limbus chest dupe exploit that exists on Supernova but in the instance a particular chest were to appear twice, opening both is strictly not allowed. Any group of players who are found to have used this exploit (for additional currency or chips) will have all of their loot from the limbus run deleted, and all players will need to meet with a GM to determine if jail-time is needed.

Endgame Currency and Trading

(Currency is defined as Dynamis bills, Limbus coins, Soul plates, or any other in game currency player to player)

  • Endgame Currencies may not be traded or given between players, alternate accounts for the same player, or between alternate characters on the same account.
  • One exception: Players may loan the final 30 hundred pieces to another player who is about to turn in their final relic weapon stage, provided the player receiving the loan return the currency as soon as possible (all stage 5 relics come with 30 hundred pieces as a refund).
  • Violation of these rules will result in deletion of all associated currency on each account involved.

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Linkshell Chat Rules

  • No Spamming
  • No Personal Attacks or Harassment
  • No Religious/Political Discussions (Please keep these kinds of things in tells)
  • Don’t dominate discussions, please allow others to talk and have their time
  • No Solicitation/Business Promoting
  • No Promoting Other Servers
  • Don’t talk with mutiple accounts (Alts)
  • Everything Else (GMs have the utmost right to stop any conversation we deem may be harmful to the community.)

The above listed rules also extend to our text and voice chat on Discord. Be courteous above all, and don’t be a jerk.

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**Parties of single character players will always have preference for exp camps.** Dual/Multi-boxers operating more than one character at a time count as a single player and may be asked to relinquish a camp for a party of more than one player. This also applies to solo players versus parties with more than one player.  

For further information regarding multiboxing on Supernova, please visit the Multiboxing Rules page.


If anyone has questions, feel free to contact anyone on the GM team for clarification, issues with other players, or if you found a game breaking exploit. Use your best judgement, the door is always open. It’s up to us to protect the wonderful environment we have on the Supernova Server.