Update Notes – January 22, 2022

Hello, Supernovans and welcome to 2022! Did you know that this year we will celebrate our 9th year in operation? All of the success we’ve had over the years wouldn’t be possible without you, our players, so we want to mark the start of this year with a great update!

This year’s first update is quite a doozy, so make sure to update your clients, sit back, and peruse all the notes for today’s update!



  • Fix implemented for Mission 4-1 for (Windurst/Sandy/Bastok).
  • WoTG Missions 10-17 were added.


  • Fixed an issue where Minne spells were giving Regen.
  • Many many ID shift fixes
  • Implement proper logic for Sky Gods teleporters
    • Yellow teleporters to islands will now disable when a sky god is spawned on the respective island.
  • Treant Mobskills Leafstorm & Entangle work properly according to the NM’s that use them.


  • Ranger now has an A+ skill in Marksmanship and Archery.


  • Cait Sith Subligar and Pretty Pink Subligar have been added.
  • Models for Tier II Aern Weapons have been corrected.
  • Hellfire and +1 synthesis recipes have been added.
  • Omelette Sandwich and +1 synthesis added, and those items have been made usable.


Vrtra’s treasure pool has gotten a major overhaul!

Nothing else has changed with Vrtra, but we felt such a difficult fight should reward players with even more possible goodness. There are some new items in here, including some items that are very useful as cosmetics for Lockstyles – Aern Weapons!


  • Added a GM command to change chocobo colours and to remove current chocobo status and reload the new Chocobo style.

    – this is currently in testing and may be released for all users at a later date –
    • USAGE
    • command: !chocobo <color> <head> <tail> <feet>
    • Plain chocobo: !chocobo
    • Plain chocobo with enlarged tail: !chocobo yellow tail
    • Green chocobo with enlarged beak: !chocobo green head
    • Black chocobo with all look changes: !chocobo black head feet tail

Update Notes December 23, 2021

Please note: A client update is needed for this update. Instructions on how to update your client for Supernova can be found here.

Expected Client Version: 30211204_0

Hello Supernovans! We had a quick update this week, and here are the larger changes affecting users here:


  • Text ID shift fixes (though another round of shifts came basically the following day?)
  • Spell Damage calculations updated
    • Spells that do damage are now updated with proper elemental resistances and weaknesses.

Missions and Quests

Again, missions and quests are all undergoing a rewrite upstream, so missions and quests will likely have varying issues. Please continue to use the #reportissue tag in the #ffxisupport channel on Supernova discord after exhausting methods of research (i.e. looking at the wiki for mission/quest order of precedence).

  • Various fixes in all three versions of the Magicite Missions
  • COP 6-4 now advances properly

Mob changes

  • Rafflesias now use Seedspray, which is also now learnable by Blue Mages
  • Wamouracampas now change stance properly, meaning Blue Mages should be able to learn Cannonball again.
    • Wamouracampas also now have the correct Defensive or Magic Defensive properties associated with their stances.
  • Marids now actually drop Marid Hair.

Job Ability Changes

  • Benediction now removes Petrification and has a chance to remove Doomed status.


  • Shaper’s Shawl now has its correct attributes – DEF 1 and Synthesis skillup rate +25%
  • Prism Powders, Silent Oils, Rainbow Powders, and Deodorizers are currently set at a 10 minute timer, but this will be reverted to previous values very soon.

Update Notes – November 27 2021

Happy Holidays, Supernova!


Update Instructions can be found here.

The Starlight Celebration returns to Supernova for 2021. The celebration works the same as it always has, so go forth and obtain all that cool Dream gear and the furnishings!

other update items

missions and quests

  • Many Windurst Rank Missions and Quests have been converted to the new quests and missions system.


  • Runic Portal operability has been fixed.
  • Spikes effects should no longer process for offhand weapons, and should only process when a shield with a Spikes Effect is in play.
  • Lockpicking mechanisms have been reworked but should not affect success rates of lockpicks, thief’s tools, skeleton keys, or living keys.

Coming soon: *new MOTMs for December next week!*

As always, please note issues in the #ffxisupport Supernova Discord chat with the #reportissue tag.

Update Notes – November 5, 2021

Hail and well-met, adventurers! We have a HUGE update in store for you today, so please take a minute to read through the notes!

There is a client update necessary for this update, so please don’t forget to Update the Client.

Missions and Quests

  • Assault Missions – Private Second Class – are now available!
  • Appraisal System for ??? Assault rewards has also been added.

    A NOTE ABOUT ASSAULT: These are new missions, newly added, and still very much in flux. Do these missions at your own risk!


  • Manipulator pathing logic has been fixed in Temple of Uggalepih
  • Crimson-toothed Pawberry will now only summon Carbuncle during fights
  • King Vinegarroon is now no longer aggressive to players.
  • NPC Ghatsad (Puppetmaster NPC, Aht Urhgan Whitegate) now has the proper timer added for his Imperial Coffee fixation.


  • Pot-au-feu +1 duration has been corrected to 60 minutes


  • Job Ability Defender no longer strips Berserk Effect and vice-versa.
  • Fixes for Rank Mission 2-3 “The Emissary”
  • Multiple ID shift fixes

Additional Notes

Please continue to be patient, quests and missions are continually being converted upstream to a new system and as such, odd behavior for quest and missions should be expected. Supernova staff will help as much as we can to resolve those issues for players – the best way we can know about them is for player to report the issues in our discord channel #ffxisupport with the hashtag #reportissue. Thank you!

Update Notes – September 3 2021

Hello, Supernovans!

Here are the major changes affecting Supernova in particular this week:


  • Weapons and Armor for levels higher than 75 have been removed from the Auction House.
  • Vendors for Level 1 RSE equipment have had all other RSE items removed.
    • All RSE quests, BCNMs, and NMs for Race-specific equipment works. These items were placed on NPCs in a transitionary period where they didn’t, and were not removed on oversight.
    • NPCs affected: Proud Beard, Bastok Markets; Arachagnon, Northern San d’Oria; Kucha Malkobhi, Port Windurst
    • note: these NPCs still sell White Belts
  • Drop rates for Lungo-Nango Jadeshells from Dynamis-Windurst NMs and Vanguard Oracles have been increased.

job updates


  • Hidden gear set bonus for Aegis+Hauteclaire:
    • +15% Increase in enmity gain
    • -15% Reduction in enmity from hits
    • +3% Cure Potency
    • +150 Shield Bash damage


  • Increased Enmity from Elemental Ninjutsu Spells during Yonin Effect
    • Volatile Enmity +125
    • Cumulative Enmity +20
    • note: this effect only exists for Prestiged Ninjas


  • Cutscene Blackscreen issues should be less frequent.

Update Notes – August 1 2021

Hello Supernovans!

Here’s some patch notes for this week, highlighting the important changes on our end.

There is no client update for this patch.

Additions/New things:

  • NPC pathing in Windurst Woods has been retooled, making Windurst Woods more lively!
  • Re-added some drops to various NMs and HNMs, but instead of them going to the treasure pool, they will automatically populate the auction house on the mob’s death.
  • These drops are unaffected by Treasure Hunter, and as such their original drop rates have been boosted as listed below.
  • These drops are also automatically populated to the Auction House, and are not subject to the duplicaton mechanism when dropped from these mobs.
    • Oupire
      • Chunk of Adaman Ore (x1) 98%
      • Chunk of Orichalcum Ore (x2) 30%
      • Square of Cambric (x3) 30%
    • Tiamat
      • Adaman Ingot (x1) 26%
      • Noritsune Kote (x1) 50%
      • Damascus Ingot (x1) 23%
      • Divine Log (x1) 29%
      • Square of Damascene Cloth (x1) 23%
      • Spool of Malboro Fiber (x1) 27%
      • Behemoth Hide (x1) 33%
      • Dragon Talon (x1) 26%
      • Vial of Black Beetle Blood (x1) 26%
      • Vial of Dragon Blood (x1) 26%
      • Piece of Oxblood (x1) 31%
      • Lock of Siren’s Hair (x1) 29%
      • Wyrm Horn (x1) 69%
      • Slice of Dragon Meat (x1) 27%
      • Dragon Heart (x1) 27%
    • King Behemoth
      • Square of Shining Cloth (x1) 73%
      • Behemoth Hide (x2) 75%
      • Behemoth Horn (x1) 75%
    • Fafnir
      • Dragon Heart (x1) 61%
      • Slice of Dragon Meat (x1) 23%
      • Vial of Dragon Blood (x1) 22%
      • Dragon Talon (x1) 90%
      • Handful of Dragon Scales (x1) 75%
    • Nidhogg
      • Dragon Heart (x1) 100%
      • Slice of Dragon Meat (x1) 33%
      • Vial of Dragon Blood (x2) 75%
      • Dragon Talon (x1) 22%
      • Handful of Dragon Scales (x1) 26%
      • Handful of Nidhogg’s Scales (x2) 37%
    • Vrtra
      • Damascus Ingot (x1) 24%
      • Square of Damascene Cloth (x1) 27%
      • Behemoth Hide (x1) 58%
      • Dragon Talon (x1) 22%
      • Vial of Dragon Blood (x1) 21%
      • Wyrm Horn (x1) 28%
      • Slice of Dragon Meat (x1) 23%
    • Kirin
      • Orichalcum Ingot (x2) 45%
      • Square of Shining Cloth (x2) 45%
      • Damascus Ingot (x2) 45%
      • Scroll of Raise III (x1) 30%
      • Scroll of Quake (x1) 30%
  • Added effects to missing resistance songs (Thanks Snuggles)
    Affected Songs:
    • Fowl Aubade
      • Sleep Resistance
    • Goblin Gavotte
      • Bind Resistance
    • Herb Pastoral
      • Poison Resistance
    • Scop’s Operetta
      • Silence Resistance
    • Puppet’s Operetta
      • Silence Resistance
    • Shining Fantasia
      • Blind Resistance
    • Warding Round
      • Curse Resistance
    • Gold Capriccio
      • Petrify Resistance


  • Kirin’s Abjuration drop rates have been adjusted, trending a little more positive.


Missions and Quests

  • Various fixes for Windurst Mission 9-2 “Full Moon Fountain”
  • Quests or missions involving the following NPCS should be fixed:
    • Aramaviont
    • Curilla
    • Milchupain
    • Rahal
  • Ix’zdei behavior during COP 8-3 has been corrected and will run towards the player and back to their pedestals to heal.


  • Puppetmaster Automaton Multi-hit Weaponskills fixed
  • Perfect Dodge will now no longer dodge Ranged Attacks


  • Acrophies now have the leech TP mobskill set.
  • Dynamis-Jeuno Goblins now have the proper TP move sets.
  • Diatryma in Misareaux Coast are no longer aggressive.
  • Removed unused pop items from NQ Land HNM drops:
    • Cup of Sweet Tea (Fafnir)
    • Clump of Red Pondweed (Adamantoise)
    • Savory Shank (Behemoth)

Update Notes – July 23 2021

This update cost us an arm and a leg (and a body, and a foot, and a head)

Hello Adventurers! It’s update time on Supernova, so here are some abbreviated patch notes highlighting the notable changes for you.

Please be advised you will need to Update the Client with this update. Our new client version is 30210706_0.

Missions and quests

More quests and missions are being converted to the new upstream code quest and mission system, and there are too many to list below so as always, if you run into issues, please report those in the #ffxisupport channel on our Discord.

One notable quest that is being added is one that players have been clamoring for for years!

It’s Raining Mannequins! has finally come to Supernova!


Pandemonium Warden droprates have been adjusted. How much? We’re not telling.


NPC Sanraku will no longer destroy additional ZNM trophies traded to him because he simply won’t accept more than one now.

July 2021 – Changes to Soul Plates and Obtaining Them

Hello, Supernovans!

Many of you are aware that basically as long as Supernova has been around, the process of obtaining Zeni for ZNMs has been to kill certain mobs – usually, Greater Colibri in Bhaflau Thickets (though, sometimes Clionids and Limules in Abyssea) – and pre-filled soul plates would drop off those mobs.

We have great news in store for you! In a recent update, Soultrappers and Blank Soul Plates are now working properly and all players can now obtain Zeni in the same tried-and-true methods used on retail for over a decade.

All soul plates were removed as drops from mobs as a result, so if you want to build that Pandemonium Warden pop, make sure to grab a Soultrapper (or a High-Speed Soultrapper!), some blank plates, and get to shooting those mobs!

All information about Soultrappers and their use can be found on the FFXIclopedia Wiki or the BlueGartr Wiki.

Happy Adventuring!

New Commands for Discord!

Hello, Supernovans!

We’re proud to announce that we now have some custom commands via the Supernova Bot on the Discord Channel to give some more utility for users.

The commands currently are:

/website – displays the Supernova website’s address publicly
/news – sends a link to the Supernova Blog
/update – links to the Update the Client page
/wiki – searches the FFXIclopedia, FFXI Auction House, and BGwiki pages for a search term.

Explanation for the Wiki command

The /wiki command might be the most expansive command we currently possess. It searches the wiki pages from FFXIclopedia, FFXI Auction House, and BlueGartr Wiki pages and displays links to those in the chat window. The results only display for the user who initiated the search, so there’s no risk of channel spam via this command!

How to use the /wiki command:

1) Simply type /wiki and then a search term. Multiple word search terms will work.

2) The results will display in the same chat window, but with a message denoting that “only you can see this message”.

Please keep an eye out for more commands as they come, and feel free to make suggestions for any helpful commands!